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Not Afraid! Looking to Future

2020 is a year shaping up to push the limits of our comfort zones. We continue to discover that thinking outside the box is no longer enough, instead we ask the question: What box?! This is a year when we learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and tap into our resilience. In a time that has been filled with such uncertainty, we are confident that the work of SEDA is more relevant than ever. Though we miss our in-person interactions, we welcome this challenging time as an opportunity to grow, develop our skills and concentrate on the connections we can still make.

The successful online summer classes and workshops provide a solid foundation for our online programming this Fall. We have chosen to embrace this time. We will use technology to bring us closer together as we are no longer hampered by geographical distance. SEDA’s fall programming starts with a redesigned Debate Academy to accommodate an online world. Drop-in debate opportunities have also been scheduled for those looking to practice and sharpen their skills. We ended the summer with our first workshop in French “Introduction au débat” and are excited by the possibilities of expanding our French/Bilingual programming.

We are steadfast in our goal to train young people to be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members. An online season opens up a world of new volunteer opportunities and ways to engage with our community and future young leaders. Please look out for new volunteer opportunities.

Words are Powerful! We look forward to this coming season!

-Melissa Ong & Fiseko Musonda

Executive Directors in transition

With the uncertainty around extra-curricular activities and ongoing COVID-19 protocols, SEDA has launched a virtual Debate Academy to support our students' learning journey. Debate Academy is a six-week program where you learn about debate, practice skills, and prepare for tournaments. Register by September 13th. Please see our attached course guide.

The importance of learning debate

"It is essential to academic success and incredibly useful in day-to-day life. My experience with SEDA was one of the foundations for pursuing my academic career and contributes daily to my research, teaching, and service activities."

-Oliver Schneider. Assistant Professor

It ensures that kids are able to think critically and communicate effectively. This has been immensely helpful for me in my academic studies, but also in communicating with those who are in positions of authority or other peers more effectively. Undoubtedly, I would not be at Oxford without debate."

-Jason Xiao. University Student, Jurisprudence

"Being in debate was undeniably a life changing experience. Most importantly in terms of confidence building, work ethic, public speaking, critical thinking, organisation, and travel. It will always be one of the most memorable parts of my teenage years."

-Alex Thumm, Urban Planner

Reflections of a Grade 5 Debater

My favourite thing that I learned in debate this summer was which actors can be part of your argument, how to add them in to make them flow with your speech, and how it affects the actor. I’m really glad that we get to do these classes online, since I am from Regina and we do not have any debate opportunities here.

The online lessons made learning debate almost feel like I was in a real class. I also really liked that I got to stay in my nice, cozy room. It made me feel comfortable and open to speak. To be honest, it was hard for me to learn online at first because when we did group work we didn't get to write it all down on the same paper, and we could not express our ideas right away. We had to unmute ourselves before we could speak. Sometimes, I already said my idea and I was still muted, then I got reminded that they could not hear me. Overtime, I got used to it. I would remember to look up at the screen before I spoke because I was reminded so many times that I am on mute!

After attending all of the online classes, it made me want to learn more and more about speech and debate because it helps me be more confident when I am speaking. I also enjoy digging further into the details about the topic of what we are speaking on. It makes my speaking better. One day, I hope to become a professional debater!

-Rhythm G.

Annual General Meeting

The SEDA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday October 20th from 6:30 to 8:30pm on Zoom.

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