Tennessee Williams Journey

Who Was Tennessee Williams?

Tennessee William’s was a fantastic play writer, but that is not how it all started. Thomas Lanier Williams was born a baby boy on March 26,1911 in Columbus Mississippi. He was the second of three children. His dad was Cornelius Coffin Williams, a man with crude language and late night poker games. On the other hand there was him mom Edwina Dakin Williams, she was a very strict and tidy mom. As time went by he became the Tennessee Williams we know today.

What Did He Do?

Tennessee had a good kick start in his dream career, His mother gave him a typewriter at an early age. Soon after he went to a university for college! Williams wanted to enter a contest, but he was to young, so he changed his name to Tennessee Williams and changed his age to to years older. He won $100. Soon after that he made his first play, it was called Isolated, it was published in 1924. Then he got a lot more better at his dream career that he became an American Playwright. His first known play was Beauty Is The Word. Then he enrolled at the university of Iowa! After that play he quit the the university of Iowa and enrolled at the journalism department. Williams did not see this coming he made a play called the Glass Menagerie and it won New York Times! Sadly things started to fall apart, his longtime love Frank Merlo died of lung cancer. Williams started to be depressed for a while. Williams childhood fear became a reality, Williams choked on a bottle cap and died. In 1983.

Impact on the World

Although Tennessee died in a tragic way, we will look up to him and follow his path of following your dreams! His biggest achievement The Glass Menagerie. I think Tennessee Williams made a very good and entertaining impact on the world. I also think he spent his life very well! Now you are an expert on Tennessee Williams!