Hydrology Fracturing

By: Austin Liu, Adam Singer, Tristen Smith, Pavaballin

What is it made of?

It's made of water, sand, and various chemical.

Who and where was it invented?

Floyd Farris invented hydrolytic fracturing in 1947. It was first applied in Oklahoma.

How does it work?

They stick a tube into cracks in the crust and push pressurized water, sand, and chemicals into a vein in the crust of the earth. It then breaks up gasses and minerals so they flow more freely. Then they pump out the minerals.

What's its impact on society?

I help give the society more resources and minerals. It also can cause earth quakes which is probably not good.

How has it impacted the way people use their resources?

Because of fracturing it has made it easier to get natural resources. It makes it easier to get oil and gas from the earth.

How has it impacted the way people interact with each other?

It has created more jobs because people need to work at the stations where they do fracking. It doesn't change the way people interact or communicate with each other.

How has it impacted where people are able to live?

It changes where people can live because people don't want live by a station because it causes more earth quakes and makes it more dangerous for people to live by.

What is your impact on globalization?

We sell our resources to other countries so it connects us with every one else. Also we sell our resources to the boats, planes, trains, and trucks so that they can spread other products to other countries.


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Hydraulic fracturing