Chowan River

Name: Logan Snyder Date: 5/12/16

Location of River Basin

Virginia and North Carolina's boarders.

Major Cities in the River Basin

Some major cities are: Edenton, Winton, Elizabeth City, Gatesville

Counties located within River Basin

Some counties that the Chowan River runs through are: Pitt, Jones, Pamlico, Cravon, Beaufort, Onslow.


The two smaller rivers that flow into the Chowan river are the Blackwater, and Nottoway. Theses are the main sources of water that create Chowan River. The Chowan River drains into the Atlantic Ocean, and some into the Pamlico Sound.

Total Miles/Size of Chowan River Basin/Population

There are 1,287 total miles between all of the rivers, and streams. The human population is 61,034 on the Chowan River. 75% of the Chowan is located in Virginia.

Tourist Attractions

There are over 22 parks located along the Chowan River's side. The most popular activity on the Chowan is paddling. This offers paddling many miles of calm, clean, and clear water. Also the Chowan River is very popular for its great fishing, and population of different types of fish.
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Plant species

The Chowan River is home to the Great Dismal Swamp. The swamp is home to more than 300 plant species, and over 110,000 miles of swamp.

Animal species

The Great Dismal swamp, located on the Chowan River, is home to many different types of animals. There are more than 200 species of birds, and about 300-350 black bears found in the swamp. Also there are more than 300 different species of fish found in the swamp.

Water Quality

There are 2 major textile factories on the Chowan River. The pollution levels are very low, and the government regulates the pollution levels to make sure the Great Dismal Swamp is not effected,

Fun Fact

The Chowan River was once sailed on by the British soilders that where trying to located one of the American bunkers without being on land so they would not be attacked.
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