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Week of October 7th to October 11th

According to the National Safety Council there is a house fire reported every 88 seconds. It is imperative that you and your family have working smoke detectors and an evacuation plan that is practiced often! Here at school we practice fire escape routes monthly with our students to ensure their safety in case of fire.

This week has been dedicated to educating students and families on how to prevent fires and how to stay safe during their encounter with a fire. On Wednesday our PreK through 2nd grade students will get the special treat of a visit from our local Firefighters and firetrucks!

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Columbus Day

Columbus stands as one of the great explores of history who helped pave the way for further exploration and discovery of lands. These discoveries led to the migration of people to start new lives and forge new colonies, without them we would not stand where we are today.

Columbus day was created in 1971 to honor the accomplishments of Columbus and to celebrate his achievements. Columbus is definitely a person who displayed numerous of our core values here in Bandera ISD along with supporting our Alkek motto of "Dream Big'". He made choices, used his determination and integrity to convince the King and Queen of Spain to support his endeavors.

As teachers continue to lead our students to explore the reaches of their potentials let us support them by celebrating and supporting the dreams our students have for their futures and work as a team to help make them come true!

Bandera ISD students will be off on Friday, October 11th and Monday, October 14th

Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th to October 15th our Nation joins together to celebrate the work, the lives, and the accomplishments of our Hispanic and Latino descendants. During this month many of the Latin American countries, including Mexico, won their Independence. We investigate the cultures, celebrations, and traditions of a nationality that helped found our country.
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This week: October 7th to October 11th

Fire Safety Week

Tuesday/Thursday - Choir Rehearsals 3:25-4:25

Wednesday 9th - Firefighters and Fire truck presentation PreK - 2nd Grade

Thursday 10th - BUG presentation for 3rd grade 8:15

Friday 11th - School Holiday

Next Week: October 14th to October 18th

Monday 14th - Student Holiday/Faculty Inservice Day

Tuesday/Thursday - Choir Rehearsals 3:25-4:25

Wednesday 16th - Individual retakes