Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 14 Wrap Up!

Forward, Ho!!

We are back into the swing of things! Art and science are so much fun this quarter - they will keep getting better as we go! At home we did most of our school every day this week! I hope things are feeling more normal at your house.

We had a few issues with the heat boiler system on Friday, but hopefully they are fixed now. Jennie & Lea's room moms might want to bring along an electric heater for a couple of weeks until we are sure that the heat issue has been resolved. The other classrooms (including the nursery) have electric heat.

We have an Open House next week and there are about 6 students already signed up! Be prepared for more crowded classrooms, and for me to be unavailable after lunch, as I give the moms more info. You were all so welcoming of Michelle Young last week, that she is joining us for the remainder of the year!! We should see them next week!

If you know anyone who wants to come to the Open House they MUST register! Please do not give out our address and start time. I need to distribute the kids among our classes, print materials for the parents, and extra maps etc. for the kids. Please send them HERE on our website to register!!

For Week 15:

Family Presentation: Umino



Yellow: Fellowship Hall Cleanup

Green: Kitchen/Bath

Blue: Nursery

Purple: Playground (12:25-1pm)

Suggested Kid's Presentation Topic: Show & Tell from a picture or book OR favorite Scientist

(Remember, the topics I list are just idea starters. Kids can always bring or talk about anything they like. The point is to get them comfortable with speaking in front of others - the topic is not important!)

Classical Chat #7

These highly entertaining and encouraging videos are less than 5 minutes long. I encourage you to watch them!! This is the last one in the series, so next week I'll start over from the beginning again so you can catch them all!
Classical Chats #7: What is Challenge IV?

Community Announcements:

  • I'm looking for tutors and subs for next year! Tutor interest meeting is THIS MONDAY!! I will send out a separate email with more details.
  • CC has pushed enrollment back to February to ease the financial strain coming after Christmas, but I will accept enrollments from now until the end of February. Only the registration fees are due now - $85 for the first child, $55 for others. I highly suggest a 4-6 month payment schedule to get the rest of your tuition paid before the deadline of July 20. I'll include info with your invoice. This year I will be adding late payment fees.
  • HERE is a link to the online registration form - password cc2016returnken (all lowercase). This form is for returning families ONLY, please do not share this password with anyone else - I have a different form for new families.
  • Public registration opens in March, and I will NOT hold current classroom seats once public registration begins. If you want to try and find a community closer to your home, I encourage you to begin emailing other Directors now to see if they will have space. Tell them I send you with a blessing if you can be closer to home!

Encouraging Article: Latin - Foundations and Essentials leading into Challenge

This article tells the story of a family who jumped into CC at the Challenge 2 level! She is in a perfect position to describe what her kids DIDN'T get in Foundations and Essentials.

Upcoming Events:

  • Mon, Jan 18, 8pm: Tutor Interest Mtg, Snacks & Drinks
  • Mon, Jan 25, 10am: Children's Museum - Medieval Exhibits, $7 ages 1+, pack a lunch. Email Tina to RSVP by Jan. 20.

Week 14 Specific Links: