Bring your biggest SMILE!


Do you like to help others? Do you want to help people with their toothaches, but you can't. If you think this is you, being a dentist is the job for you. You do variety of things so you won't feel like you are doing the same thing over and over. Many of the jobs could include performing oral surgeries, treating gum diseases and others. You would also get about $65,000 to $180,000. But you have to go through college for 12 years. The education is 2 years of pre-dental education, 4 years of dental school, 2 years of residency training 4 years of Doctorate of Dental Medicine or Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degrees. You also have to work 35 to 40 hours. You have to be extravert and also you have to be punctual.

Good Things

The advantages of this job is the you will receive a substantial income which at first you would get $65,000 after you graduate from a dental school and then the salary goes up to $180,000 or more. Second advantage is that you would be able to help more people. Almost everyone needs a dentist or dental care in some point of their life for teeth problems and others. Being a dentist, you would be able to help the people.