CSA Lincoln 2nd Grade

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November 30th, 2015

Our Goals

Language Arts

I can use the research and writing strategies I've learned and apply it to our project .


I can add and subtract measurements to make holiday items from countries around the world .


I can identify and label ecosystems from around the world.

Social Studies

I read fact from history and connect them to present day events.

Project Update

The next three weeks will be full of festive learning. We are traveling around the world learning how different cultures celebrate the holidays. This week we are focused on Mexico, England, Germany, and Australia. We will be making pinatas and poinsettias to represent the celebrations in Mexico. Students will be learning about different inventions from each country. Ask your children about the new facts they have learned. Below you will find the video launch for the Holidays and Inventions around the World.
Holidays Around the World with Globe Trot Scott

Rainbow Celebration

Rainbow Celebration is a positive behavior plan to help promote successful classroom behavior. Students will be asked to clip up whenever they are showing great leadership skills in collaboration and project work. Students will move up the Rainbow each week. On Fridays student who have moved up al seven colors of the rainbow will be rewarded with lunch in the classroom with their teacher. Each color has a corresponding commission starting with .05 up to $1.00. Students can spend this money on Fridays or save it for a future Rainbow Shops. Students will be collecting data on what they would like in the Rainbow Shop and making a graph. This will be coming home this week with a letter asking parents to donate items for the store. Parents will be able to keep track of students commission by looking at their Google Sheet bank statements. Students will keep their bank statement up to date by adding and subtracting the money they earn or spend.

Word Study

The next three will focus on individualized phonemic needs. We will not be having any new word study lists. Student will be retaking the word study evaluation to see their progress. Students will be focusing on project vocabulary and reviewing the phonics dance. This is an awesome way for students to learn all the sounds.