Eight aspects of religion

By Ethan Daniel



Symbols are a things that represent or stand for something else.


It means love and peace.
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It symbolized the sky goddess Hathor to Egyptians, enlightenment to Buddhists, one of the highest and holiest stages of transmigration (reincarnation) to Hindus.
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Sun sign

Found in Turkey and believed to represent the sun and the four directions. (See "Swastika" 1 and 2). Compare the curving lines with the primary lines of Swastika 3, the iron cross. Notice also that without the horizontal line, the symbol resembles the outline of the "Yin-Yang."
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Beliefs are things people believe in but are not necessary true.

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Christian Beliefs

This is a priest performing a conformation

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Jewish Beliefs

This is a man studying the jewish texts.


A ritual is something you do frequently and is done the same way each time.
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Christian Ritual

The Eucharist is a ritual of the christians done the same way every time.
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Jewish Ritual

At the start of the holiday traditional food is eaten.


Myths are a tradition or story involving supernatural beings or events.
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The recreation of Christ
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The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden was the paradise that was home to Adam and Eve.

Sacred texts

Sacred texts are writing that is venerated for the worship of a diety.

Social structures

The people in society considered as a system organised by characteristics