Immigrants on the move

People are having immigrants move here. People wonder why.

The north star state of hockey!

Immigrants are coming here to Minnesota. People here are mostly Indians. The treaties made a huge change in Minnesota.

Minnesota facts

Come to Minneapolis!

Come to Minneapolis! it's a great place to vacation to! Many places to eat, sleep at, and many attractions! The lights at night are very beautiful!

The ways to travel

I would think the best way to travel is by foot or canoe. I would travel in the spring or summer so you would not have to suffer from the cold. There is also stagecoach.


This place is very special to me. Its very beautiful and there's a lot of land to choose from. Come here and play in the snow in the winter! I just love this place!

-Abigail Hoosenburg

Hockey state

Minnesota is known for Hockey. People compete using long sticks that people use called hockey sticks to knock around a puck and try to get it in the net. The team with the most goals win!

Five Facts

1.In 1850, most people were indians-Dakota and Ojibwe. In 1860, there were mostly white settlers.2.The state capitol in St.Paul. A huge city that is getting bigger.3.The mississippi goes through the state and is wonderful to watch4.Fur traders started arriving in the 17th century5.The europeans came in the 19th century and drove out the Native Americans