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Stanford University 125th aniversary

Stanford university

We are happy to announce that today November 11, 2015, The university has done so many signs of progress since It was first founded, It is now one of the most famous schools around the world, it is a firs class school. Sanford was not always the amazing school it is today.

Today we are discussing How Stanford University first started, and all the progress it has made.

Stanford university was founded on November 11, 1891, and was not very popular or known back then, and now it is ranked number one in popularity, Stanford university stole this title from Harvard University on 2013. It is almost unbelievable to have this amazing institution right here in Palo Alto.

Stanford university Manages about 22 billion dollars a year, as we might know Stanford university went through many bankrupts, how did Stanford manage to become so successful you might ask, well many people say it's just because it recently became so popular and people started to know how great the university is, and that it is full of one class professors, this is why students decided to come here even dough it is currently the hardest university to get into in the country if not the world, about 57,000 students apply every year and only about 1,650 actually get in, When the school started only 555 students were enrolled the first year, Stanford currently has 16,136 students enrolled.

We appreciate the amazing work this institution is doing and we are glad that it is located right here in Palo Alto.

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