Lion taming


1. You can never trust the cats you work with.

* "A trainer's life depends on how well he knows his animals" (Lion Tamers).

2. You could risk your life if you work with cats.

* "Working with cats is always dangerous for those who break, train, show or 'style', feed and care for the cats" (Lion Tamers).


1. You could gain more confidence.

* "The Art of Lion Taming heightens your self-awareness ..." (Lion Taming: About Lion Taming).

2. Some lion tamers love working with lions.

* "It is the basis for the one-to-one relationship between the lion tamer and each of the lions" (Lion Taming: About Lion Taming).

Reflecting Paragraph

Even though there are great rewards to lion taming, the risks pull more of our focus and our attention. It pulls more of our focus and attention because a big cat could trick you into trusting it so when you got close enough to them, they hurt you. This citation from a passage says, "A trainer's life depends on how well he knows his animals" (Lion Tamers). So if you don't know how to work with your animals and they hurt you, either go to a hospital or die. We would not try to risk our lives attempting that sport even though we would get a one of a kind experience with a lion ,and we would gain more confidence and self-awareness.

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