Impact Project


Importance of Subway

In 1965, a man named Fred DeLuca opened a small sandwich shop that is now what we know today as Subway. Subway has helped American's who eat fast food to have healthy options to help deal with the weight problem that we still have today. The first Subway opened in 1968 and the first one on the West Coast opened in Fresno, CA in 1978. Subway has helped many lose weight including the spokesperson for Subway named Jared.

Political Impact

Owner of Subway, Fred DeLuca, says that if he would have started Subway today then it wouldn't exist. He says that this is so because the government is hurting small businesses which has prevented people from creating value in the market. He says that it's hard for small businesses to get going because of strict government regulations.

Social Impact

Subway has helped so many people in their journey with weight loss. They offer a ton of healthy options for those who need something quick but also healthy. This type of fast food is what helps Americans with the obesity problem that we have in our country.

Economic Impact

Subway has expanded and grown drastically causing increasing success for this franchise. They have given thousands of jobs to people and opened just as many different locations in not only America, but also in several countries. Subway has become very successful and continues to grow.