Lovely Blessings

Blessing Taylor

Where I'm from

I am from sports, from love, and dill pickles

I am from the country

I am from the lilies, the orchids

I am from laughter and holiday gossip, from attitude and Taylor and Jackson

I am from world travel and asian food

From "one mans trash is another one's treasure" and "work till' your "better" is best, and your best is extraordinary."

I am from long church services and after service pig-outs

I'm from Ennis, chicken, and sushi

From my apparent kidnapping, the spraining of ankles, and the saving of dogs

I am from all over the world

Finally Found

A while ago

Prior to our meeting

A void was in my heart

I tried for so long

To fill the hole

But didn't know where to start

Oh, the uncertainty

the smothering touch

Of seeing no end

I was lifted, lifted free

Up from my back

When I met you, my friend

So here we stand

Our past set

Our future filled with endless bliss

Ode to Love

I haven't found you yet

Because i'm extremely hard to get

When I see your virus spread,

The feelings that build up inside I dread

You're bright and vibrant, almost like a fire

You're warm and spontaneous, like a freshly used blow dryer

You make me laugh, you make me cry,

Others cannot cope with you and commit suicide

How do you cause me so much pain

And still manage to make me smile for miles?

Your power races through my mind and blazes in my heart

Oh love, I pray nothing ever tears us apart.

My Love

My Breath,my dear the love

Of my life I want you to know

That when im struggling

Or dealing with strife

To you is where I always go

Thankful for you being in my life

When trouble is looming

When problems draw near

Just know that you'll always be

The one I turn to

The one who I call for

The one I pull closest to me

Summer Lovin'

On that beautiful day
Summer in 2014
There I was with my best friend on the zipper
Flying through the sky
But I don't know why
I have hung out with him many times before
Then all of the sudden I heard the words
I still like you a lot,
My heart stopped
I couldn't breathe
I freaked even though he has told me this before
Hearing it in this cage was the most realistic thing I have ever felt
as we got off the ride
My heart was beating rapidly
And I felt like I was going to explode
Standing at the park at night it felt so real I could not believe it
He hugged me from behind
And pulled me away from every one else
He said I have to ask you a question
I said I already know what your gonna say
He looked at me and smiled and said well whats your answer?
I looked up in to his big brown eyes and said yes
He smiled and kissed my head
Our hands are intertwined until he had to go
When it was time for him to go
We both didn't want to let go or say goodbye