Warbler Parent News


I hope that the beginning of the year is going well and we've all begun to settle into our new routines. Again, I am Diana Graham, Cora's mom, and will be the Warbler room parent this year. My most basic roles are to be a liaison between the administration, the guides and the parent community, to serve as volunteer coordinator and recruiter for classroom tasks and school wide events, and to help facilitate classroom playdates to foster community. Also, to answer any question you may have that seems too 'silly' to ask the guides - Like if you still don't know where the bug spray is, or where you should actually stand at pick up, or where do I put this lunchbox? - anything!

Community Event - Coffee and Kombucha this Friday!

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If you have time, please Join the room parents this Friday, September 16, for coffee and kombucha after you drop off the kiddos. We will be out in front of the office from 8:15-9:30 so you can mingle with parents from your class and get your caffeine fix!


A big way to help foster community is to host playdates outside the school day. As everyone has different schedules, the more play date opportunities the better. These are completely optional times to get the kids together and get to know the warbler community better.

Informal playdates are a wonderful way to get a group together, so if you have an afternoon free, shoot out an email and see if anyone would like to join you at a park after school.

As far as weekend playdates go, we can choose to do a couple of things, either throw up events as the mood arises or have a set Saturday or Sunday a month where we have a playdate at a different location. Please let me know if you have a preference.

Meghan, Greyson's mom, has spearheaded a monthly parents night out the second Wednesday of each month. So please mark your calendars as it would be such a treat to get to know each other when we don't have to pull our kids out of the water feature (which happened at the last playdate.)


Some other classes have created a private facebook group page for their class that is completely optional to join. This is a space that would make it easy to share information, plan events, and share pictures. If this is something the group would be interested in, I'd be glad to set it up and send out a link. Again, this would be a completely private and hidden group that is optional to join. Any pertinent information decided on would then be emailed out so everyone will still be 'in the know'.

Upcoming events at Athena

October 15 - Culture Fest Potluck Celebration for all Athena Families

November 12 - Casino Night (Adults only) - We are hosting Casino Night earlier this year, so please begin thinking about Silent Auction or sponsorship donations

If you have not already, please check the Athena webpage for upcoming events. You can also sync the Athena gmail events calendar to yours.

The End! (finally)

Please keep an eye out for upcoming emails with information on volunteer opportunities and details on teacher gift giving in the Warbler class. I will be using SignUpGenius to organize volunteers, so don't send it to spam as soon as you see it!

And don't forget to wear your yellow shirt on Warbler Wednesdays!

Please feel free to Email or Text me if y'all have any questions
Diana Graham