Sleeping peacefully

by Tamela Abrahamson

section one reasons

  • first reason that this topic is important to me is sometime I sleep in and sometimes i don't even get enough sleep I want to find how much sleep you really need.
  • second reason this topic is important to me is I want to find out what it will do to you if you don't get any sleep or what it will do if you get to much sleep.
  • third reason is sleep really important and can it kill you.
  • fourth reason It seems that there as been a lot about sleep going on and it's becoming something important.

How to sleep

  • How to sleep. You should first have a neat and tidy bed as to have it made. You should exercise so when your ready to go to sleep you will be tired from your energy. This way it will be easy to sleep.
  • Next you should brush your teeth take a shower and get into your night clothes. And to try and relax.
  • Other methods of if you can't fall asleep is either do more things during the day like exercising or you can take a medication to help you fall asleep.
  • Next you should probably relax either listen to calming music to help you you should also have a good sleeping schedule.


  • If you don't get enough sleep you can die you should at least get 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • It can be very dangerous if you don't get enough sleep or if you get to much it can be a real meticalproblem
  • Sleep is really important your brain needs sleep it can shut down if you don't and you won't do good in school.
  • These problems can be very serious
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