School Re-Opening Information

Bath Public School August 2020

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Update on School Re-entry

Hello Bath Knights! We have missed you and we are excited to welcome you back into our school in September. We're so happy to be planning and preparing for the return of our students. Below you will find some initial information to get you started on preparing your child for school and planning for your family. We have also received confirmation that our Board will implement a staggered start to the school year and the image below gives you details on when your child should come to school. Classroom teachers will be reaching out to families next week to share information on staggered entry and class placement. We will do our best to keep sibling groups with different last names coming to school on the same staggered day.

There are many things families could do to prepare for back to school. Practicing positive messaging will be important as children will be looking to adults to determine how they should react to situations, to provide reassurance and to answer questions/concerns they may have. Do your best to share positive messaging about the challenges ahead and be mindful about what personal worries and concerns you share. Families could also begin or continue to practice mask wearing and physical distancing in the community and in social gatherings. Students will need time to become accustomed to these protocols and will need to develop stamina for wearing a mask. Finally continue to establish and practice hand-washing/sanitizing routines at home before/after transitioning to new places and spaces. We will be washing our hands a lot during the school day!

Please continue to check the Board website for the latest information and resources for your family. We will continue to send our weekly family updates to keep you in the loop of school happenings. Please check your email regularly as well as our school website and Twitter feed for these communications, and do not hesitate to call the school or email if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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School Planning

Our staff have been working hard to create spaces and schedules that will help with transitions in and out of the school and the classroom. Some elements of our plan include:

  • Class cohort zones on the yard for recess and outdoor breaks.
  • Outdoor learning opportunities and additional outdoor breaks
  • Additional paid supervisors and maximum use of school yard
  • Use of signs and visuals for controlling flow of students
  • Removal of large furniture to provide more space in classes
  • Removal of carpets in classes and spacing of desks and tables
  • Sanitation and hygiene routines and supplies
  • Welcome email to share classroom placement, meeting zone, and instructions for First Day. (Beginning September 1st)
  • Transition support for students with special needs

We will continue to tweak our plan to refine and improve how it works, and we appreciate your patience and support.

LDSB School Reopening: What to expect when students return to school

School Supplies

As always, our school will provide the necessary supplies your child will need for learning. This year, your child will receive an individual bag of supplies. At this time of year, parents are often looking for back-to-school shopping suggestions. We've listed a few suggestions below:

  • Two or three comfortable masks (Now necessary for Kindergarten through Grade 8)
  • Fragrance Free hand sanitizer is suggested but not required.
  • Labelled water bottle (water fountains will not be open, filling stations will) and lunch bag with lots of snacks
  • Pencil case ( You may want your personal pencils/pens, eraser, crayons/pencil crayons, scissors, ruler, calculator for older grades etc.) We will have school supplies for individual use in classrooms.
  • Outdoor clothing for a variety of weather conditions (We will be spending an increased amount of time learning and playing outdoors; including during rain/snow etc.)
  • Backpack - not too big! We're trying to travel light this year.
  • What about Indoor shoes? Not right now please. We will not be using the gymnasium for phys-ed to start the year, so one pair of comfortable closed-toe non-slip shoes that are good for indoor and outdoor use is all you need for now. We will let you know when we need.

Your child's classroom teacher may have some additional suggestions that they will share with you. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if your family requires any assistance.

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Arrival and Dismissal (Bus/Walker)

Students who arrive/depart on the bus will need to follow the guidelines set out for wearing masks and sitting with family units in designated seats. This is not an option for students and they will need to listen carefully to their bus driver. Our buses will continue to disembark and load in the designated bus loading zone. The protocol below will be reviewed and tweaked as needed in the first week to ensure the safest and most efficient plan:

Arriving on the bus:

  • As students are welcomed off the bus by a staff member, they will immediately go to their designated meeting spot and be directed into their classroom at the bell by their teacher. This will allow students to remain with their cohorts
  • Students are asked to respect physical distancing guidelines

Departing on the bus:

  • Classes will be dismissed by their classroom teacher and escorted outside maintaining physical distance while boarding the bus.
  • Students will need to have their masks on when boarding the school bus at the end of the day.
  • We will stagger the dismissal by classes starting with our youngest students.

Walkers/Pick up

  • Students who regularly walk/bike home will be dismissed by their classroom teacher and they will walk to the gate at the south end of the school by the Kindergarten yard.
  • Students who get picked up by a parent will be dismissed by their classroom teacher at 3:30 and they will walk to the gym to wait for pick up
  • Students will need to wear masks in the gym and maintain physical distancing

Return of Borrowed Technology

If you borrowed a school device in the Spring (iPad, Chromebook and charge cord) we would ask that you please send it back with your child on the first day that they attend school. We will be collecting them and sanitizing them. This technology will be needed this year in our classrooms and we appreciate your timely return of these items.
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