Midwest region BY SHELBY



Have you every been to the midwest? If you have been to north Dakota, south Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio if you have been to the states listed you have been to the Midwest . One important fact is that the midwest has great plains. The western plans have very cold winds that last from Apirl to October. This region is called the bread basket of America.


The midwest land is flat. The midwest land is good for farming, but there are not many trees. This region is flat and hot. It's very good for farming because it is dry and it does not have much rain, but crops grow very good for the farmers.

Major bodies of water

Have you ever wanted to go to lake Michigan? Because lake Michigan is in the Midwest Region and so is many more lakes. One lake or river is the great Ohio river and it is one of many river and lake in the midwest.One day i hope you get to see lake Michigan and many others!


Have you ever seen a Tornado? If you want to see a tornado go see Iowa, an many others in the midwest.The tornados there are so many dangers about them because they are very strong and power full they can rip a barn out of the ground and houses. The midwest is known for it's tornados. One day i hope you go see them in action.


Have you ever thought about the weather in other regions? The weather in the midwest is ice cold in the winter and burning hot in the summer time.The res it is so hot in the summer time is that they are closets to the equator and why it's so cold is because the equator is farther away in the winter time.So the weather in the midwest is so crazy.One day i hope you well be able to vist the midwest in the mid summer and mid winter.

Natural Resources

Have you ever thought what are the Natural Resources in the midwest? Some of the natural resources are water, rich soil, and many more. The water help's them because it help farmers water crops.The river provide transportation for people that do not have cars.The natural resources help them because they need water to drink and take a bath. They need rich soil because it help them grow crop and eat.One day i hope you go and see this place is a nice place.

The main languages spoken in the midwest

Have you ever thought if people in the midwest talk different languages? the do and the do not the reason i said that is because many other people speak different Languages. ,But the main language spoken is english.Just because other people speak different languages it does not matter.One day i hope you come and see all the pretty things in the midwest.

The houses in the midwest

Have you ever thought how other people build their houses? The houses in the midwest are not that different because they have houses just like my house and yours but some are different because they are build by the same people build are to

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