Chicken Pox

By Hudson


The virus responsible for the Chicken Pox is called the Varicella-Zoster virus. Majority of Chicken Pox are spread through physical contact.


Some symptoms that may occur with the Chicken Pox infection are:



Loss of Appetite



Virus Replication

The Varicella Zoster Virus begins by locating the mucosal entry spot and enters it. It then spreads to the tonsils and lymphoid tissues. The virus takes over the T cell and then replicates in the skin using the LYTIC cycle.
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The only cell that can reject the Varicella virus are NK cells (Natural Killer Cells). They break down the virus and kill it off.

Treatment and Prevention

If you want to prevent yourself from being able to get the Chicken Pox is taking the Chicken Pox vaccine. After that there are slim to no chance of being capable of getting infected with the Chicken Pox. If you do get the Chicken Pox, there are a few ways to treat it. There are a few over the counter medicines. Also, you can use lotion to relieve itching. As to treatment of the virus, you just have to wait for it to take it's toll.
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