Mrs. Marler's Class Newsletter

September 8th-September 11th

Weekly update

I hope all of you are doing well! We have a great week ahead of us, here is a brief outline of what we will be doing in each subject;

  • Math- Rounding to nearest 10 and 100, test on Friday. Students will recieve practice test on Wednesday, please use this to help your student study.
  • Reading- Learning more reading response activities, as well as learning to monitor comprehension while reading.
  • Writing- Narrative components such as adding dialogue, small actions, and strong imagery into student's stories.
  • Social Studies- In-Class project on the regions of S.C on students iPads, and learning about river systems and major cities in S.C

Important Dates

  • September 8th-11th: Book Fair (Our Class will be going on Thursday from 9:50-10:15_
  • September 10th- Breakfast with Grandparents at 7:00-8:00
  • September 11th- Math Test


Graded work will come home every Thursday. Students will be getting their first grades back from math, reading, and writing this week. I know this can be very intimidating so we are having many class and individual discussions about grades, what they mean, and how to handle a good and/or bad grade.

I understand that this is a learning curve for students, so I will be giving plenty of opportunities for a student to redo an assignment if the expectations haven't been met. Please don't be startled if your students receives a grade that seems to be below than average for him or her. It might take a week or two to understand what is to be expected and how being graded works!

This next few weeks will be very important for students to learn that trying their very best is essential. I look forward to celebrating with your student and all the great accomplishments they will achieve!


  • Student's H.W assignments are listed in their green folder for the week.
  • Please make sure to go through your child's folder often to view any students work, important paperwork etc.
  • This will be the last week before spelling! More information to come.