Alyvia Bowen


My hobbies/Favorite things to do

Cooking has been a big part in my family for a long time, ever since I was a toddler I've LOVED cooking! I enjoy baking, and cooking dinner for my family. I've also always loved playing piano, I started lessons at five! and I still enjoy playing it!! I really like photography, my favorite things to photograph are nature, people, and animals. I also enjoy painting, and sketching! My grandpa has been a fantastic artist since he was in grade school, he's the one who inspired me into artistic work.

About my family

My Mom and Dad have been married for twenty years, before they got married, my brother (Gavyn) was born. Who is my only sibling. We lived in south Western Kansas, then moved to Salina Kansas, where I spent most all my toddler/ middle school years. And about three years ago we moved out here in the country right outside of Hutchinson. My Dad is a welder at CEF, and my Mom works at Strataca (an underground salt museum). My brother lives in his own apartment, and works at Home depot. So yes, I am now the only child! I also have 3 dogs, an awesome cat, and chickens. It's SO fun living out in the country, (My family would agree!)