Affordable Custom Framing Services

Every Piece of the Past customer has the opportunity to have their favorite autographed items framed at a cost that won’t break their budget. As a partner with one of the best, biggest and most trusted framing companies in the United States, one responsible for providing framing services to the Tiger Woods Foundation, the Grammys, Field of Dreams, Mounted Memories, Major League Baseball and more, their Piece of the Past professionals provide museum standard framing at a value you just can’t find anywhere else.

Piece of the Past will frame any 8x10 image you desire, providing double matted suede outer matts with an embellishment made right into the matt itself. This translates into the movie title, show logo or stars name on your item will be prominently displayed and specially enhanced for your viewing pleasure. Each piece framed by Piece of the Past will include a full-color designed plate that describes the item encapsulated in a solid wood frame and placed behind UV protected plexiglass to ensure your item is safe and protected from harm for many years to come.

Piece of the Past is proud to offer customers this amazing framing opportunity for only $199.00. Anything larger than an 8x10 image will be framed at a cost that will be quoted to the customer in advance.

This high-quality framing value is offered only to Piece of the Past customers, and promises to bring out the true beauty and importance of your autographed item. These framing services are hard, if not impossible, to find anywhere else.

Piece of the Best - Reaching Great Heights

For many companies around the world, improving product offerings and services to capture a larger share of the market is often a major goal. Piece of the Past knows a little about business improvement and over the years, it has strived to offer better products and services to its clients. That the company is the largest wholesaler of entertainment memorabilia in the world is testament to the success of its improvement efforts.

Any business looking to survive in its field for the long haul would be wise to improve its product and service offerings. For Piece of the Past, incorporating authenticity in its operations was key to finding success and etching its name on the global entertainment memorabilia scene. Since its establishment, Piece of the Past has seen the number if competing companies increase, alongside a flood of fraudulent parties looking to profit from selling fake memorabilia. For the company to keep its edge in such an environment, continuous improvement was key.

Piece Of The Past CEO Kevin Martin has been at the forefront of business improvement for Piece of the Past. Having already established two successful business ventures prior to entering the world of entertainment memorabilia, he knew it would take continuous assessment and new ideas like private celebrity signings to take Piece of the Past to great heights.

For any business looking to stay ahead of the pack, continuous improvement is the name of the game. Kevin Martin’s knowledge of this has helped Piece of the Past become a global name in entertainment memorabilia.