Extra! Extra! Nucleus Supreme???

Today the nucleus announced supremacy in Cellutopia!

The Onion Cell Gets the Exclusive Interview! Exerpts From This Ground-Breaking Interview Follows.

"I am at the center of attention. It just come naturally" states the nucleus to begin the interview.

"Without me, Cellutopia would have no direction, no protein manufacturing and ABSOLUTELY no replication. Where would would we be then" asked the nucleus.

Does anyone support your stance on supremacy?

"Of course! Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Without me he would degrade. Other organelles agree they need me too. The rough endoplasmic reticulum would be out of business if I did not provide her with the secret instructions for manufacturing proteins.

Mitochondria and Chloroplast claim they do not need your DNA. They claim to have their own. How does this make you feel?

"No one listens to them or follows their instructions. Enough said" grumbled the nucleus.

Sources tell me you have "pores" which make you weak and not fit for supremacy.

"This is ridiculous. These pores do not make me weak they allow me to share my information with the rest of the cell, which improves efficiency."

Back to the topic of replication, does Cellutopia REALLY need you for this job?

"Seriously, did you just ask that? Who else would be able to tackle to momentous task of replication? Golgi Bodies...no DNA. Vacuoles...too full of hot water. Lysosomes...seriously" exclaimed the nucleus.

The nucleus ended the interview by saying "I control the ribosomes, I contain the nucleolus which produces them, they need to realize who is in charge. Them, and the rest of Cellutopia. PERIOD."

I spoke with E. Coli this morning and she told me she does not have you and does quite well since she is a prokaryote. How does this make you feel?

"If E. Coli considers herself successful, someone needs to have a talk with her" barked nucleus.
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When will it all be over???

A perspective from the interviewer.

Seems to me Cellutopia needs the nucleus if they are all going to survive. E. Coli is different, she is prokaryotic and we are looking at a eukaryotic civilization here. The organelles need to end this dispute and realize they are all needed for a complete and healthy Cellutopia.

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