Eagle Bowling

Prosper High School

Match Against Plano Senior High

The Eagle Bowling team showed their stuff this weekend in their Match versus Plano Senior High School at Plano Super Bowl. Leading the boys this week was Deshunn McKenzie with a monster series, throwing games of 265 and 197 for a 231 average for the match. For the second week in a row Jackson Andres bowled a personal high, this week bowling a 198. Also bowling impressive scores for the boys were Pearson Davenport (206), Chandler Gregory (201 & 168), Jimmy Mahan (181), Peran Howell (151) and Jacob Yazbeck (150). Leading the way for the girls was Rachel Porter with a 168 game followed by Sawyer Rasmussen with a 148. Deshunn, Chandler, Pearson and Rachel all won their singles matches. The Eagle Bowling team is next in action January 6th versus Lovejoy High School at Plano Super Bowl.

Boys Varsity

Girls Varsity

Mickie's Holiday Challenge

While working on your game this holiday break, get to bowl WITH Mickie and if you get fewer open frames than he does over 5 games, he will clean your gear after practice and matches for a month!


Rescheduled match against Lovejoy.

Sunday, Jan. 6th, 6:30pm

2521 K Avenue

Plano, TX

Remember your Etiquette

Don't forget about lane etiquette. Make sure you wait far enough back on the approach while bowlers are up on either side of you so as to not interrupt their focus.

Saturday Morning Youth Bowling Leagues

Saturday, Jan. 5th, 9pm

2521 K Avenue

Plano, TX

Like the district play, the youth leagues have just finished the first half of their season. They will break and restart on January 5th. This is a GREAT time to join a league. Saturday morning at PSB is known as the BEST youth league in the state of Texas. For only $10 a week, bowlers get three games of competitive practice against some of the best bowlers in the area and it's handicap. So that means you can bowl a 120 and your opponent bowl a 220 and you could still win the point depending on your handicap. And then there is the scholarship money... Rachel, Jacob S and Michelle all won scholarship money from the Youth Adult league we've been doing, Hope and J also added to their SMART Money accounts. Let Mrs, G know if you want to bowl in league and she will help get you started.

Bowling Home Page

Watch for announcements on the Bowling School Fusion Page.

League Secretary

You can find the standing of all the teams and individuals in the district. It currently has through Match 5 loaded. It will update later in the week to include Match 6. Click on the link below to get to League Secretary. Check out the blue links under "available reports" to see different things. You can even pull up your individual scores.