Atom Model Timeline

Ancient Greek Model

In 400bc & 350bc, Democritus Aristotle concluded that something could not be cut in half all the way. He said that if you cut an object in half over and over again it would end up coming to small particles called atoms. The cool thing is that the word "atom" means "uncuttable." So there you go, the smallest part of an object is an atom that creates all and every element.

Dalton Model

In 1803, John Dalton also had one of his own conclusions. His idea was called the Dalton Model and it explained that the atom was really just a dense sphere. The atom of course had mass and particles, but they weighed so little it didn't make a difference.

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Broglie & Shrodinger Model

All that Broglie & Shrodinger indentifyed in the 1920's was that the electrons that atoms have, all orbit around the nucleus in a cloud. The models before say that all atoms have electrons that orbit around, but never explain in what. They orbit around in a cloud.