Making the Change


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Considering A Change: Exploring your options

Tip One: Find Your passion. Find what makes you have fun and interest you. Once you do this you can start searching for careers that involve the same concept as your passion.

Tip Two: Search for your options. After finding your passion, search around for jobs that interest you and start to make a list of all the jobs that look like they would seem fit for you.

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Developing A Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Tip Three: Find the job that most interest you. After getting a list of all the jobs that you find interesting, start to look for one particular job that interest you.

Tip Four: Research you particular job. Once you finally choose one specific job that you find enjoyable start to research the job, and even the company, to start getting to know it more.

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Making the change: Burning No Bridges

Tip Five: Start to gain experience. Once you have finished researching you should now try to get a part time job that resembles the job that you are trying to get. Starting a new career can be tough so starting off at a part-time job could make it much easier.

Tip Six: Find a mentor. Starting a new career can be tough, so find someone that is working in the same job, and have them help you with the rough patches that you will come across.

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Beginning the new journey: Showcasing Your Experience

Tip Seven: Start your new journey. After all the other tips, you can finally start to get your new job. This is important, because it is going to be a new thing for you.

Tip Eight: Don't turn back. After all of the other tips have been made, you can try to turn back and got to your other job. If you do this then all the hard work that you put in to career changing would be a waste.

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