Rosalind Franklin



Rosalind was born in London,England in 1920. Rosalind did really well in science and then started studying physics and chemistry. When she was 15 she decided to be a scientist. Rosalind attended St. Paul's Girls' School. From there she went to Newnham College, Cambridge in 1938. After Rosalind graduated in 1941, she was given a research scholarship to work on gas chromatography, but left in 1942 to work at the British Coal Utilization Research Association, where she worked on the microstructure of coke. As a result of her research she gained her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Cambridge in 1945.

Why is she famous?

Rosalind Franklin is famous for her role in the discovery in the structure of DNA. This is very helpful to us because if it wasn't for her contribution to figuring out the structure of DNA, we would not know how DNA looks today.
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Interesting Facts

1. Rosalind's mentor Ronald Norrish, the winner of the 1938 Nobel prize in chemistry.

2. Rosalind enjoyed traveling and made several trips to the US.

3. Rosalind also excelled in latin and sports.