grassland ecosystem


Grassland can be found in central North America, central and southern of South America, most of middle and south of Africa, central Asia and east of Australia. Grassland are also known with other names such as shrubland and savanna.

biotic factors and abiotic factors

The biotic factors that live in a grasslands are birds, reptiles, insects, and the abiotic factors are tall grass, and trees


Grasslands climate are 113 degrees in the summer and in the winter it is 49 degrees in the winter. Usually it no colder than 20 degrees in Africa. It really dry, and very windy there

How people use the land


fun facts

The government of Africa have created national parks to help preserve its grasslands. In the US, grass is being planted in areas that were once farmlands. The grassland of the US once had millions of bison that roamed it freely. Grasslands are burned to keep trees and bushes from taking over and also to help expand the grasslands. Grassland are also known with names such as prairies, steppes, and savannas