The Ticehurst/Flint Newsletter

The Week of December 2-6

A note from Ms. Flint

After the break, in math we will continue working on problem solving strategies. We will be working with multistep word problems and incorporating all four operations. We will also continue to strengthen our long division skills and two-digit by two-digit multiplication skills. Please keep reviewing multiplication facts nightly at home. :)

In science after the break, we will continue in our Energy & Matter unit. We will continue to explore states of matter, density, volume, mass, effects of heat energy, molecule movement, and other fun things! :)

I also wanted to share some photos from our Hot Water, Cold Water science lab!

In this lab, students explored temperature as a physical property of matter. They investigated water as a liquid, solid and gas, and learned that changing the temperature of water changes its properties. Students investigated how matter expands or contracts as temperature changes and how this change affects the density of matter.

A month or so ago in math, I gave the students a challenge: to be able to successfully dissect any word problem I set in front of them. What this means is the students

had to identify the question, important information, and what operation(s)/steps the problem would require to be solved (they did not have to do the actual computation piece). If every student in the class passed their challenge, the whole class would earn one hour of technology time on our last day before Thanksgiving break. The students started their challenges on Tuesday and I was extremely happy that EVERY single one of

them passed! It was AMAZING to see how proud of their classmates they all were. Every time I announced that another student had passed their challenge, the whole entire class clapped and cheered. Below are some pictures of the students enjoying their "Brown Bag" technology day as well. :)


Ms. Flint


Hopefully you've seen the Spelling Bee list by now! If not, please let me know and I will send another copy your way so that you can study with your child over the break. We will have our class bee on December 13th (HOPEFULLY- I will let you know if that changes for any reason!). All of our 4th graders will participate and there will be 1 winner chosen from each homeroom. The school wide spelling bee (4th & 5th grades) will be held in January. Only the homeroom winners will receive the list for the school bee. Good luck!!!

Also, both classes are in need of glue sticks and hand-held pencil sharpeners. If you are able to pick anything up over the break, that would be great!!! Thank you in advance for your help with this!!!


Mrs. Ticehurst


ELAR Tutoring will continue to be held on Wednesday OR Friday, before school, from 7:30-8:00 am

Math Tutoring will continue to be held on Thursday, after school, from 3:00-4:00 pm

ALL STUDENTS should also be utilizing iStation & Think Through Math at home!!!!! Remember that your students now have access to Discovery Education at home! Log-in ID is MYKsSTUDENT ID (ex: MYKs12345) & Password is "greencap". We hope to use the "Board Builder" feature later in the year to create science projects!

Important Alpha Reminders

1. No Alpha in December due to district kindergarten testing.

2. Alpha will resume on January 7 (we will let you know if this changes due to prolonged Kindergarten testing.)

3. We are currently accepting nomination and referral paperwork for 3rd-5th graders. Due on/before January 15th.

Things to look forward to


December 6th- Mav Dad 1st Friday Lunch

December 10th- 6:30 Winter Concert

December 13th- Class Spelling Bee

December 16th-20th- November/December Novel Presentations Due

December 16th- Science District Assessment

December 17th- Writing District Assessment

December 18th- Math District Assessment

December 19th- Reading District Assessment

December 20th- 2nd 9-Weeks Ends; Mav Fan Jam; Winter Party

December 23rd-January 6th- Winter Break

December 25th- Christmas & Ms. Flint's Birthday!!!

Content Objectives

Reading: Class Lit Circle- "Number the Stars"


Social Studies: Anglo Colonization

Math: Problem Solving Strategies

Science: Energy & Matter