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Emily Shearin Burnette Insurance Group

At Burnette Insurance Group I serve as the Office Manager as well as an Agent.

I was born and raised in Louisburg, North Carolina. I am the youngest girl in my family with two older sisters and a younger brother. Growing up as one of four children I was constantly and still am striving to set myself apart and make my own way in life.

Burnette Insurance Group is an active member in our county chamber: The Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce is where I also serve as a Chamber Ambassador. Through the Chamber and my career is where I’ve found leadership and a great support to building small businesses in our county and growing relationships.

Upon making a decision about which career field I’d wanted to venture into, I had to consider what I wanted my three biggest contributions in life to be: 1) I wanted to help people. 2) I wanted to educate people. 3) I wanted to help others prosper and grow as well. With those three contributions in mind, I made the decision to join Daffy Leonard on her journey of opening this business. I admired her sense of credibility for others, her genuine care and interest in people who were just stranger’s minutes upon speaking with her, and her morals “If we treat everyone with dignity, respect, and always do what is in the best interest for our policy holders, we will make it!”

Since then I’ve learned a lot about myself and welcomed my new opportunity with open arms. I jumped head first into a career that brings me so much happiness to work in. I’ve developed myself not only in my job, but in all aspects of life. I get incredible joy from being able to get to know our policy holders on a level that isn’t just a “customer relationship.” When our policy holder’s experience hardships, we do too!

At Burnette Insurance Group, you are more than just a customer… you truly are family. If you notice, I call the work that I do a “career”, not a “job.” That’s because my three biggest contributions in life are executed daily.

1) I always get to help people. No one will understand the hardship of a family suffering through a traumatic cancer loss, unless you been there. Being able to be there for a family that is suffering and being able to hand deliver a check from a claim that you’ve filed very diligently to ensure all payable benefits were processed correctly for your policy holder because you know it may make the difference of them being able to keep their home.

2) I get the opportunity to educate people. I love talking with a home owner over the phone, in person, via email; whichever the case may be. It’s so nice to sit with them and explain the coverage’s that they are paying for, the coverage’s that they may need to be paying for, and being able to make them feel comfortable with what they do have and of course my goal… I want to save them money WITHOUT taking away from any insurance benefits!

3) I help others prosper and grow from day to day as well. Through this business you meet tons of people. Here at Burnette Insurance Group we believe there is enough business for everyone! Even in our small town where people may see other businesses as competition, we don’t. We encourage other businesses in our areas, send referrals to other small businesses, and work very closely with other insurance companies that give the same respect and equality to their policy holders. If we can’t help you at our office, we won’t leave you stranded.

Burnette Insurance Group

Burnette Insurance Group uses its independence to offer a wide range of insurance service, including home insurance, auto insurance, employee insurance and commercial insurance.