Tech Update the end of week 1

iPads will be deployed next week

8th grade Tuesday, 7th grade Wednesday, 6th grade Thursday
Be sure to tell students:
  • They may create a design of their own, but it must be school appropriate and have their name prominently displayed.
  • Email needs to be cleaned out. LOTS of junk mail from the summer!
  • Set up Dropbox. Use school email and password.
  • Set up Schoology. Use school email and password.


TEACHER ACCOUNTS: All except six are ready to go. Log in to Schoology. You should be asked to update your password.
The six who are NOT ready created accounts on their own. Schoology is working to move them to our account. I'll let those people know when they are ready: Stacey Wardrup, Aaron Stewart, Larry Owens, Stephan Hill, Michelle Herndon, and Shawn Furgerson.
STUDENT ACCOUNTS: Students will be added to your accounts as soon as the classes are leveled. Ms. Edwards hopes to accomplish that by the end of next week. If she gets it done earlier, we will upload earlier.