All About Me!!

Manroop Duhra

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My name is Manroop Duhra, I am 15 years old and turning 16 in 4 months. I was born on August 23rd 2000, in India. I'm very adventurous and i like to know a lot about history. I talk a lot sometimes people walk away and I end up talking to my self... well that only happened once. My height is 5'4 I'm not very tall but taller then most of my friends. I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School, i have 5 friends that are there for me no matter what. I don't like saying "best friends" because i don't believe in having best friends because friends are only there for a short period of time and family is always there for you. Speaking of family, I have a family of 7 people including me. I have my mom and dad, my 3 siblings, my brother who is my twin and 2 sister who are the ages of 9 and 13 and last but not least my grandpa. Some of my interests would be cooking/baking and watching soccer. I really like to bake and cook because I love food. I like to watch soccer although I'm not that good at playing soccer but I find it very interesting. This is me, Manroop Duhra in a paragraph.

Favorite Things

My first favorite thing would be my favorite movie. My favorite movie is Life As We Know It. I love this movie because its very realistic unlike other movies. This movie shows how life can change within a minute from good to bad then repeating the same pattern. It can relate to many parents. Its about a a guy and a girl that hate each other but their best friends with the same people. The couple that their best friends with has a child and later in the movie the parents die. Their will was that the guy and girl who hate each other take care of the baby. Therefore the movie shows how they struggle to take care of a child while they hate each other and how they resolve the issue. My second favorite thing is Alfredo pasta. This is my favorite food. I love eating it whenever and never get tired of it. My third favorite thing is my phone, I can't imagine my life without my phone. My phone is how i reach out to my friends and relatives and sometimes my mom and dad when their not home, it has all my emails games social medias. It's a very important object in my life and its involved in my daily life. Overall these are my favorite things.
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Leadership Style

I think I'm a leader as a teller. I like to be able to tell people what to do when I'm in charge of something. For example I went with my sister and her friends to film movie and they made me the "leader" you can say. I was recording them and basically telling them what to do. Once I'm in charge what I think is wrong and everyone else knows is wrong you can't do and what I think is right and everyone else knows is right you can do. That's how i am as a leader. Therefore, my leadership style is leaser as a teller.
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My Influences

The biggest influences on me would be my friends. My friends would be the biggest influences because me and my family believe when you hang out with somebody or a group of friends you guys do most of your things together. I believe that is true too because whenever me and my friends plan something its always a group decision. What they do I do What I do they do. Who you hang out with is who you become and that's why you need to hang out with the right people.

Role Model In My Life

The biggest role model in my life would be my mom and dad. Growing up and looking at them struggle through certain situations. I want to become as strong as they have been during their bad days. I want to be as hard working they are. I want to be as loving as they are. I want to be as kind as they are. Every good trait i have seen in my parents thats the trait i want to have in myself one day. They mean everything to me and they are what i want to be like.
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My Future

Ive wanted to become a lot of things since childhood. Finally entering in grade 10 I realized that I'm interested in science. Biology is vey interesting to me ask thats why in want to go into the medical field. I want to become and registered nurse. I will accomplish this by applying to the nursing programs for Trent University because, Ive always wanted to go that university but i will also try for other universities such as Toronto, Ryerson.
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Family Symbols

Family Symbols

These are the three symbols that I have choose to represent my family. Indian Flag represents us because its where we came rom , its who we are, Its what were known as to other people, Its where I was Born. Its who I am and no one can change that. Basketball can also represent my family. In some sort of way all my family have done something related to basketball. Either they played it watched it like a team or whatever they have done it, but they haven it and know of basketball. Pizza represents our family because we really do love pizza. Its always at our house and no one in my family can never say no to pizza. Therefore, i think these are the 3 symbols that are the best fit for my family.

Test Results

Learning style:

My top learning style is visual. I agree that my learning style is visual because when i have visual aid, it's easier for me to learn. In math class i need to have visual aid for graphing , it helps me understand it better. Visual aid is a great learning style for me and i use it daily.


My personality type is ESTP. I am indeed very out going and un. What i learn from my past experience is what my new decisions are made out of. If i don't like wonderland due to my past experience i won't bother going there again.I enjoy physical activities like soccer etc. I love being in the spotlight. Therefore my personality type is indeed ESTP


I agree that my interest type is the counsellor. I always give my truest opinion on things. I'm not afraid to speak out and share my thoughts. When my family friends need help with decision making I'm there for them and try to help them the best i can. My friends come to me for help whether its choosing what to wear or homework. Therefore my interest type is the counsellor


I like to learn about science. Biology is my favorite subject in science. I like to learn about how the human body works. Chemistry is also a very fun subject and you learn a lot in it. Physics is not the best i really don't like it. Overall science is my favorite subject and hopefully i have a career related to it and study science more.


This is somewhat true. I really want to help others and be recognized for what I do. I’ve always wanted to be recognized and famous when I was younger. When I got more older I learned that helping other people is what I want to do . If i can help someone weather i help them make food or save a life it makes me happy. I want to have a career in the medical field and help patients. Therefore this is some what true.

Multiple Intelligences:

The two most strongest strengths for me would be naturalist strength and Intrapersonal strength. My strengths were ranked as:

1 Naturalist

2 Intrapersonal

3 Existential

4 Interpersonal

5 Logical

6 Kinesthetic

7 Musical

8 Verbal

9 Visual

I was surprised that my visual strength was the lowest strength because before i thought that was the strongest strength i have. I’m also surprised that naturalist is my strongest strength, i like to explore nature and learn about nature. I always knew that i had more of a intrapersonal strength because i like to question myself and i need to know something would be good for me before i do it.

The result that surprised me the most was that my musical strength is weak and not as strong as i thought it would be. Ive always had an interest in music and thought i could make a career out of it, though it is very hard for me to do. The last three strengths that i have ranked are; music, verbal and visual. I honestly thought that these strengths would be ranked the top three. I am a very verbal person i talk a lot and I’m easy to talk with. When i see a visual, it’s easy for me to understand the situation and then try it for myself. I always like to have an visual aid in math class. I love music and thats why i thought that would be my greatest strength.

Knowing that my strongest strength is intrapersonal and naturalist, i will use my intrapersonal skills and question myself before taking any decision . I will spend more time outside to do things for school. I will always try to know what is best for me and not and not take any step in school that will be bad for me and not better me in school. In school since i have takes grade 11 biology i will focus more on nature and do after school activities instead of going home and doing nothing. I will learn to better myself in that subject. Therefore, these are the ways i will better myself.

True Colours:

Part B:

I mostly agree with the true colour assessment. I am very playful and loving adventurous and very competitive, although I do not like taking risks. I don’t like being told what to do and I like having freedom. I like to be independent and make my own choices. My friends think I’m very funny when I’m around them, I always make them laugh and that is why I’m playful. I’m very loving once I’m friends with someone I would do anything to make them happy. If I am taking a risk it depends on the situation, I don’t always take risks because what if the situation backfired and that’s what I disagree with about my colour assessment.

I am very competitive, I always like to win and get something I want. No matter what I do I like to get what I want and have it my way. In gym class I want to win every game we play whether it’s a soccer match or a basketball match. I also get excited very easily when I see something I want or when I have plans to go out with family or friends. I am also very adventurous, I want to travel the world and have fun. I like to know about history of other countries and I like to go out. I like to go on trips and I love road trips.

Therefore, I mostly agree with the colour assessment and I agree that I am playful, fun loving and competitive, adventurous and I partially agree with the risk taking part. I love going out and exploring things, I like to win and I’m funny and loving and I take risks when needed. Overall I agree with the true colour test.

Part C:

The results on this website are the same as the first test. I think that this happened because I may be more orange then rest of the three colours. I agree with both of these results because I am care fee and competitive. My answers maybe matched up the most to be orange and that’s why both of these results are the same. These results are very accurate and I do agree with them mostly except the risk taking part, other than that this is very accurate and I feel the test results are true. Therefore, these results are the same because I may be more of the orange colour than the other colours.