RICARDO C. performance task 9\19\2013


Populations can get affected in many of the examples is the amount of food a population has in order to survive.Another example can be the amount living space a population has.This helps by hiding space in that living space.Plants can be examples of populations and plants need sunlight so their population can expand or increase.A population can also affect another population, for example mice can affect the animal that is hunting them,witch is called predation. These were some of the reasons populations get affected.


Animals get food in many different ways.Some animals are filter feeders,they filter their food out of the water.Other animals have special mouths that allow them to get food.Some animals are predators,and have to catch their food.These were a few of the ways that animals get food.


Animals grow and develop to be like there parents.Some animals have to just go to some simple steps.Some of the animals are completly different then there parents when they are little.Some animals go trough a procces called metomorphosis witch means they completly change there form when they grow.Thesewhere a few of the ways animals develop to be like it's parents.