Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 Created by Dylan Ettinger

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Early Life

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on March 4, 1678. He had four brothers and four sisters. He also had a breathing condition called asthma, This did not prevent Vivaldi from playing the violin or to compose. At age fifteen Vivaldi began studying to become a priest. In 1703 he became a priest and was known to be "the red priest" because of his bright red hair.
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Venice Map

This is a map of Venice. This is where Vivaldi was born. He taught at the school of Ospedale della Pieta for 40 years in Venice. After leaving Vivaldi moved to Vienna to work with a former friend who was Charles VI. Charles VI died suddenly and no one else wanted to hire Vivaldi. With in a year Vivaldi died on July 28, 1741.
Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

Four Seasons Vivaldi

This is the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. This is one of his most famous pieces of work. It is a series of four violin concertos. This pieces split up into four different parts, winter, summer, spring, and autumn. Each season has different tempos, dynamics, and harmony.

Other known music

Vivaldi had composed many songs, some more famous than others. One of his most famous pieces was the four seasons. Some of Vivaldi's other work include "L'estro Armonico", "La Starvaganza", "Le Quattro Stagione", and "La Cetra". Also Vivaldi composed "Gloria e lmeneo" especially for King Louis XV wedding. In addition to his choral music and concerti, Vivaldi began writing opera scores by 1715. His two most successful pieces are "La Constanza Trionfante" and "Farnace".

Vivaldi's Legacy

Antonio Vivaldi was a composer who will never be forgotten. He was a composer that created hundreds of pieces and became renowned for his concertos in the Baroque styles. He is very influential because created a pattern in music. He was named master of the violin at the Ospedale della Pieta in Venice. Vivaldi spent most of his career teaching orphans music. Antonio Vivaldi's music is still learned and played today. He left a big impact in the music world.


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