By: Jenna Lux

What is it?

Chloroplast is an organelle found in plant cells and certain organisms where photosynthesis takes place.

What is photosynthesis? It is the process where plants use the sun's energy to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugars

Where is it located?

Chloroplast is located within the cell wall of any plant that will be undergoing photosynthesis. It is within the cytoplasm that will hold its shape in place. It is also located within most Eukaryotic cells because it does have a nucleus and any other organelle. Plant cells contain chloroplast and the animal cells with be lacking this due to them having food to survive.

How is it built up? They have their own DNA parts, have energy within itself, and have many foldings which means that have a lot of inter spaces. The inter spaces will be allowing the chloroplast to have more room for energy and allows them to conduct photosynthesis. These stacks are useful because then you have more space to build up each reaction and more reactions could be happening all at once. This is called surface area.

What are the functions?

Chloroplast absorbs light energy from the sun to produce free energy stored inside the spaces available. This is important for the plant cells because during photosynthesis, the chloroplast is capturing all the sunlight then is converted to be able to have the plant eating to survive. They use the chloroplast to get the energy to eat, have energy, and survive.

Why is this needed for the cell?

Chloroplast is the most important part of the cell because it is allowing the plant to survive off of the energy from the sunlight. The chloroplast has many spaces that will benefit the plant, this is more beneficial because you are able to be storing and capturing the suns energy. Without the sunlight being captured, the plant would have no way to survive. It will just be deteriorating during a times span. The chloroplast is allowing the plant to survive and have energy each day. Without chloroplast, how will the plant survive on a day to day basis? How will it be capturing energy? Where will the energy be stored? Exactly, plants wouldn't be able to survive without the chloroplast. This is why it is the most important part of the cell!
The Amazing Chloroplast!