Makeup is a craft with Creativity

Being in the makeup industry can be extremely challenging, as there are many competitors in the field that have their own niche for their craft. It is important that when an individual commits themselves to become a makeup artist, that they have their own brand or style of using makeup but at the same time be able to appease all who bear witness to their work. There are many moments which he makeup artist must feel the atmosphere and get a sense of what clients expect for moment. There has to be a connection between three main principles, especially in the theatrical aspect. One aspect must be generally addressed is the theme, capturing the moment with the right makeup is very much a key element to being successful. For instance in plays there are moments of sorrow and that can be seen in the backdrop and arrangements on the sets.

Therefore the proper applications must be used highlight the mood moment. Another aspect that needs to be addressed is, the expectation of the people that will be worked on. The makeup needs to match the face, every angle, curves and highlight facial structure needs to be accented properly so the mood can be felt by all those present and watching. Then there is the necessity to have the right color combinations. Lighting plays a major role in how the makeup can show blemishes in the natural skin conditions, and not highlight too much or too little so that the person with the makeup does not stand out incorrectly.

These are key elements that take time to perfect and should always be looked at as makeup is being applied. Taking this approach has brought much success to Julia Noel of North Carolina. She has had the know-how and skill to carry her craft for over 10 years many major projects and as a professional explains these key elements are what brings so much interest in her work.