Mrs. Asher's First Grade News

Week of April 4, 2016

Field Trip

The kids are getting so excited about our upcoming field trip to the Museum of Life and Science on April 12th. Please look in your child's daily folder because there is some important information about our trip. As a reminder we are expected to return to school around 4:45 so you will need to pick your child up at school. Also, it is important for your child to be at school on time because the buses will be departing school at 9:30.

Sight Words

These are the sight words your child learned to read and spell this week. These sight words are common words that your child should be able to read in a snap (without sounding them out). Knowing sight words helps your child's fluency and comprehension (because they won't be dedicating so much time and attention to decoding words).

another, ask, because, change, different


* This week we learned how to read and spell words with the suffix -ed. We learned that when words have a silent "magic" 'e' at the end such as in the word save you only have to add a 'd' to make it saved. We also learned that sometimes the -ed can make a 't' sound when we read it such as in the word fixed.

* As we read books this week we focused a lot on how characters felt and how their feelings change within a story to help us comprehend.

* We also worked on identifying the lesson a character may learn or the lesson the author may be trying to teach us.

* Students have been introduced to the acronym "RAP" to help improve their written comprehension responses when they respond to questions about books they read. They learned that R=Restate the question, A=Answer All parts of the question, and P=Prove your answer with details from the book. It is especially important that when students answer questions, orally or in writing, that they answer the question and be able to prove their answer citing evidence from the text. You may have your child RAP for you as you ask them questions about books they read at home.


This week we reviewed how to write persuasive letters. Students learned that anytime they want to do a type of persuasive writing they should think OREO. They want to begin by stating their Opinion. Next, tell a few good Reasons and conclude by stating their Opinion again.


We continued learning about adding with two-digit numbers. Particularly this week students looked to see if there were enough ones to make a new ten which leads to the concept of regrouping which will be taught more in depth in second grade. For instance, when adding 37+8, students learned that when they add the ones (7+8) there are 15 ones which means we can make one group of ten and we have 5 leftover ones.


With Mrs. Landmark this week students started learning about living organisms. They first learned that living organisms are plants and animals and they learned that living organisms have needs that have to be fulfilled in order to survive. They were excited to plant a seed and over the next few weeks they will get to observe its growth. In the next few weeks they will also get to observe and learn about fish and various types of woodland insects.

Baby Bengal Bash

We are still in need of some volunteers to help run our Fishbowl Frenzy booth (kids just try to throw ping pong balls into the fishbowls) at the Baby Bengal Bash on April 22nd. You would only have to sign up for a 20 minute time slot and your child is welcome to help you at the booth. Here's the sign up link:

Important Dates

- April 12 -Field Trip to the Museum of Life and Science

- April 22 -Baby Bengal Bash 5:30-7:30

- May 20 - Fairytale Tea Party come at 1:10 and we will start at 1:20

- May 27 - Field Day 9:30-12:00

- May 30 - No School

- May 31 - Meet the Teacher for Track 1 5:15-6:45

- June 3 - Last Day of School for Track 1 and Report Cards Go Home