Strategies for the ACT

Learning new strategies


Annotating would help you find the main points in a passage or in a graph that you are reading. When you annotate, you are highlighting or underlining the main parts in a passage. That way, you can go back and look at the main part. Annotating is a very helpful strategy in all 4 parts of the ACT.


Predicting is a very helpful strategy. It will help you figure out what will happen next. It makes you think more about what you are reading on the ACT.

Eliminating answers

When you aren't sure what a answer is, you can eliminate the answers you know aren't right. That way, you have a better chance of getting the answer right. Eliminating answers is a helpful general strategy for the ACT.

English Test Strategies

A specific strategy on the English test is to know the punctuations in a sentence. It will help you figure out if the sentence makes sense or is correct the way it is. Also, knowing vocabulary words would help you get a better knowing of what the sentence means.

Math Test Strategies

A specific strategy on the math test would be to memorize the math equations. You would benefit because you will more likely get the problem right. Another strategy would be to write out all your work. This helps so you don't make a mistake. Also, to draw out the shapes as you read the math problem if there is already no picture. This helps you to see what you are missing in the math problem.

Science Test Strategies

A specific science strategy on the science test is to use and read the graphs, charts, and figures. It would help you understand what information you are trying to find and what information you are reading about. You should always go back to your data to support your answer. This would help you know for sure if the answer you are going with is right.

Reading Test Strategies

A specific strategy on the reading test would be to reread the passage if you didn't understand it. You would get a better meaning from it by reading it more than once as well. Also, to read the questions before your read the passage would help you.