Madison Elementary Art


It is hard to believe we are entering the last couple weeks of art! Thank you for following along with the art news this spring. I enjoyed seeing several of you at Panoply Arts Festival; stay tuned for the Madison City Spring Festival of the Arts on May 12th at Bob Jones High School.

Kindergarten: This month the focus is on 3D art and Kindergartener's looked at the modern artist famous for his artwork of hearts, Jim Dine. We discussed texture and then made hearts out of Crayola Model Magic and added texture to the surface.

1st Grade: Students in first grade traveled across the world in art by studying Japanese art for the holiday called "Children's Day". They then created paper "Koinobori" fish kites modeled after the Japanese tradition of flying kites on this holiday.

2nd Grade: Students looked at a familiar artist, Charlie Harper, whose paintings, graphic art, and sculptures are inspired by beautiful birds. Students created a bird sculpture out of Model Magic and will add color to their birds and glue them in a paper nest.

3rd Grade: The inspiration artist for 3rd grade is Wayne Thiebaud, Pop Artist famous for his paintings of desserts. Students looked at his colorful artwork to inspire their clay Model Magic Pop Art cupcake.

4th Grade: Fourth grade students are finally finishing up their cup weavings. It is a labor of love and the finished woven cups look awesome! We will wrap up the year by completing all of our almost finished projects from the semester.

5th Grade: Students viewed artwork with radial design, or symmetry around a middle point. Round stained glass windows are often a perfect example of radial design. Then they created a radial design by folding small pieces of paper into different forms and gluing matching pieces in a mirrored pattern around the center point of their paper.

6th Grade: The last project of the year for 6th grade is inspired by Chinese porcelain. Students viewed examples of Ming pottery and discussed its features. They used Model Magic clay to make a pinch pot bowl which will be decorated with the royal blue which is the staple of Ming porcelain.

About the teacher:

I am a graduate of Bob Jones High School and went to the University of Kansas where I received a BAE-Bachelors in Art Education. I live in Madison with my husband Taylor and our dog and two cats. I am a big Kansas basketball fan, Rock Chalk! I love to travel, read, jog with my dog and paint when I have the time.