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January 18, 2016

Dear Parents,

Our Children's Museum field trip is this Thursday. Please let me know your child's lunch plans by answering this two question form by Tuesday. If I do not hear from you, I will assume your child will be buying a school sack lunch and school milk to take on the field trip.

I will be available two Saturdays in January to provide 25-minute parent-teacher conferences for those who are interested. To sign up for a conference, navigate to my sign up on Sign Up Genius and choose the day and time that works for you.

Please see below for important dates to add to your calendar.

As always,

Kelly Burton

Important Dates

Text @7b47d4 to 81010 to receive these reminders via text at 3:30pm the day prior.

Tuesday 01/19

  • Special = Art
  • Weekly Reading Log sent home
Wednesday 01/20
  • Special = Music
  • Early Release Day @ 2:55pm
  • Logophiles Group 2 progress check over long vowel sounds
Thursday 01/21
  • Children's Museum Field Trip
Friday 01/22
  • Special = PE
  • Weekly Reading Log due
  • Logophiles Group 3 progress check over h, ch, sh

Friday 02/18

  • Hazel Dell Spectacular
  • Science Fair

Guiding Questions

Word Study
  • Logophiles Group 1: How and when can we use the CVVC pattern in spelling?
  • Logophiles Group 2: What do long vowel sounds reveal about spelling?
  • Logophiles Group 3: How can sh, ch, and h help us read and spell words?

Reading - Unit 2 - Inquiring Minds Want to Read

  • How does an author’s experiences and writing style affect the information presented in nonfiction texts?
  • How can different texts on the same topic help me to strengthen my understanding of a topic?
  • How can what I learn help me better understand the world?
  • How is the text organized so that I can better understand the topic?
  • How can I change the way I interact with a text depending on what nonfiction text features it has?
Science - Unit 3 - Motion and Forces
  • How do objects move?
  • How can we move a ball?
  • How can we change the way objects move?
  • How can we change motion?
  • What is gravity?
  • What are magnets?
Second Steps - Unit 4 - Problem Solving
  • How can problem solving help me get along with others?
  • How does taking responsibility help me get along with others?
  • What does it mean to apologize?
Math - Unit 6 - Whole-Number Operations and Number Stories
  • How can models help us understand mathematics?
  • How can strategies help us solve addition and subtraction problems?
  • How might procedures help us to solve multiplication and division problems?

Writing Workshop - Unit 2 - Inquiring Minds Want to Write

  • Why and how do readers write about what they have read?
  • How do we use resources to find authentic information?
  • How do writers inform, explain, and report information?
  • What kind of information would I share with an audience to clarify, illustrate, or expand my thoughts?
  • What is the purpose of an informational piece of writing?
  • How do the structure and text features shape informational texts?
  • How can I self-assess to make sure my writing reflects what I have learned about writing an informational text?
  • How can I edit and revise my writing to better convey my information?

Parent & Student Resources

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For Parents
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For Kids

Miss Kelly Burton

My goal as an educator is to instill a passion for learning and inspire students to continuously challenge themselves to be "the best me I can be." I believe that all students can experience success in school. It is my role as the teacher to facilitate, guide, and support students on their learning journey. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child.