Save the Children

Helping Neglected and Abused Children

What is Your Cause?

1,900 every day are abused or neglected. Neglected children are deprived of food, water, and other essentials for living. What's even worse is that a lot of them are also hurt by adults they trust. Neglect and abuse can be stopped. We need to advert focus onto this issue and help our children.
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Neglect is th top form of abuse in homes

How Can Abuse and Neglect be Stopped?

Abuse is a very broad spectrum amongst families. Abuse cannot be stopped with a fundraiser or a donation. However, what we can do is report abuse. If you notice any signs of an abusive family (verbally or physically,) please report it to CPS. Child Protective Services are focused on helping children in need and protecting children. Always be on the lookout for abuse. Neglect is also a serious issue. Some children aren't even fed properly. This can be due to a lack of food in a home, or a way to punish a child. Canned food drives are a great way to help families in need. You can also donate old clothing and toys to children.
Abuse does not just hurt the child, it effects everyone.