C&CC Monthly Newsletter

June 2022

Senior Information Guide for the Class of 2023

Are you getting ready for a busy year ahead, Class of 2023? You are officially the new senior class. There is a lot you need to be doing over the summer. Read on to put yourself in the best position possible for the fall.

Senior Information Guide

Getting Ready for Next Year? Seniors and anyone else, too.

Class of 2023, what should you do this summer to be prepared? Here is a short list to get you rolling:

  • Visit Colleges. Determine the size, type, cost, location that is right for you.
  • Make a list of colleges that appeal to you. What are their requirements and deadlines?
  • Create your FSA ID for you and your parent so you can submit your FAFSA early.
  • Build your Activities Chart/Resume. Any college application, scholarship or job will need this. Who are you on paper?
  • Save photos, documents, brochures showing how you have been involved and engaged.
  • Get a job. This shows your level of responsibility.
  • Research future careers. What would you like to do in your future, and what will it take to get there?
  • Ask for letters of recommendation. Teachers, employers, pastors etc. are great people to ask. Give them your Activities Chart and your letter will be much better!

Taking these steps over the summer will save you an incredible amount of effort later. You will be so glad you prepared!

Dental Professions Summer Camp

Virtual trips and tours, Panel discussions, hands-on activities, dental outreach, and volunteer opportunities. Learn more and sign up by June 10th HERE.

Shooting Star Adventure Camps

Camp Two Roads

A traditional overnight summer camp enriching the lives of young women through outdoor adventure, community connections, and leadership opportunities.

Wilderness Skills Day Camp

Learn real-life wilderness skills to use next time family goes camping- Co-ed

Jr. Naturalist Day Camp

Observe nature while learning wilderness navigation, native plant and animal ID, and leave no trace principles. Co-ed



These free fire camps are offered to young women ages 16-22 during the summer. Participants will train in the following hands-on firefighting tasks:

  • Hose Handling Skills
  • Auto Extraction
  • Search & Rescue
  • Aerial Ladder Climbs
  • Chainsaw Skills
  • Interview preparation & more
Portland- July 8-10
Tualatin- July 15-17


Summer Business Institute

Join PSU for a two-week summer business program, July 18 to the 29th. Learn more here.