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Student reviews

Danette S.

“Through the first 30 minute session that we had I was able to see growth in my voice. I wanted to strengthen my ability to hold a tone. During the session, we went through breathing techniques, posture, and a couple of exercises. I learned how to break a song into smaller increments and make smoother transitions. She made me feel calm and confident. I think that she is a great teacher. ”

Caroline V.

“Loved the lesson! I signed up because I love listening to music but I'm uncomfortable in front of the microphone. Before we worked together I had tried to identify singers in my pitch range to avoid selecting the wrong karaoke song. I even took lessons with other teachers but they just told me what to do, and I followed. This is the first time a vocal instructor tried to understand why I was doing what I did and explained how different options would impact my tone. It felt like a customized lesson. The warm ups and practices were very creative and thoughtfully planned. I learned that singing loud doesn't mean I have to strain my vocals. I also learned how thinking of different emotions changes the tone of my voice throughout the song. At the end I felt encouraged and hopeful. I really enjoyed it.”

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