MAPS Online Academy

September 30, 2020

Dear Families,

Today marks our 15th day of school! Thank you for your partnership and support for your student/s. The staff is working diligently to create a positive environment for all learners. During the first two full weeks of school, we have spent the majority of our time helping students navigate Google Meets, SeeSaw, Google Classroom and getting to know one another and the routines of distance learning in the fall. One of our main goals is to help students become independent workers and thinkers. We have high social and academic expectations for your student/s and we will help your student be successful this school year. You are an integral part of your student's education! Thanks for your continued support in this crazy school year!


Just a reminder that we take daily attendance at 10:30. Please remind your student to be up and ready for the "live" morning meetings and/or instruction. It is also important to turn assignments for each activity. Live instruction is necessary to connect and learn new content. We are not able to record the live sessions due to FERPA laws for students 13 and under. Thank you for being intentional and checking with your student to see if work is completed and turned in daily.

Work Completion

Most students are doing a great job of turning in all assignments. In order for a teacher to know what you know, it is important to turn in all assignments.

Student Feedback

There are many ways a teacher may give feedback to students. As students and teachers are working with the tools in SeeSaw and Google Classroom, there have been written and audio feedback for student work so far this school year. Moving forward, teachers may approve an assignment without leaving feedback on each individual assignment. Teachers will use the work completed to re-teach and extend lessons in small and large groups.
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Tips in Google Meet

Before the meeting:

● Find a comfortable spot to sit.

  • It is best to keep your device on a steady surface if possible.
  • Make sure your background is school friendly and quiet.

When the meeting starts:

● Mute your device by clicking the microphone button.

  • Turn on your camera.

During the meeting:

● Be patient, this is a learning experience for everyone.

● Be engaged. Nod or give thumbs up when others are speaking.

● Unmute your microphone when your teacher asks you to talk. Mute your device again when you are done speaking.

● Even though we are not in our school building, our school rules and expectations still apply.


On Fridays, our teachers are committed to help all students complete necessary work for the week. Fridays will also be used as review of skills, incentives for great work over the week, work completion, and connecting!

Guest Teachers for Distance Learning

We may have times when teachers are ill or in need of a guest teacher. Our grade level teams know the students well in each grade already. Due to the nature of our online courses and the need for staff to be ready to jump in and help out, our collaborative grade level teams will be covering for each other in the event someone is absent. If this is in fact the case, you will receive a note from your child's teacher or a colleague letting you know of an absence and who will be available to meet online with your child for the "live" sessions and to answer questions and respond to student work.

School Photos

This year your student will have his/her photo taken at the home school. Be watching for dates from your school as dates are starting to be set.

Bus Safety

We aren't in school, but bus safety is still an important part of our school. Please take a minute to look over the bus safety illustration below and ask a couple of guiding questions:

1. What makes it look and sound safe on the bus?

2. Where is the best place to be when waiting for a bus?

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Share Distance Learning Photos for our Next Newsletter

If you have a photo you and your student would like us to share in our next newsletter, please email to We would love to share the awesome things happening virtually with our families!