Soooooo ..... what is happening?

You probably know that the district joined the ISEA in filing a lawsuit. The point of the lawsuit isn't specifically to open schools or keep schools closed. The focus is local control -- meaning that ICCSD is asking for our school board to have the authority to make decisions without seeking permission from the Governor. The suit is scheduled to be heard by the court on Sept 3

Meanwhile, with covid positivity rates rising, the district did follow the Governor's process and applied for a waiver which would allow us to start 100% remote. The waiver was granted. However, that is not the same as a decision. Our school board will meet Saturday morning at 9am. Here is the zoom link if you'd like to watch.

I expect we'll know Saturday morning whether we'll start in the hybrid model or the 100% remote model. We are definitely having school beginning September 8 -- we just have to find out how.

Materials Distribution

Material Distribution: Wednesday, September 2

Student Material Pick Up & Computer Roll Out

4:00-7:00 Student Material Pick Up for All

4-5 pm Last Names A-I

5-6 pm Last Names J-R

6-7 pm Last Names S-Z

We will have gathered some essential materials including a device for each student and then families will drive through to pick them up. This will work much like the pick up of student belongings back in the spring.

Families will drive through the south carline.

Please put a sign with your child's last name in your window. Make it big and bold.

We'll give you:

- a chrome book (unless you already have one. You don't need to do anything to request one.)

- log in information,

- reading and math materials

- a planner for students in grades 3 -6.

You may also pick up

- school supplies (if you ordered through the PTO in the spring)

- student belongings if you missed getting them in the spring

Meet & Greets

On Thursday, Sept 3 we will have "Meet & Greets" for all students (in person or online program). Each homeroom teacher will ZOOM with their class. This will be a chance for everyone to 'meet' their teacher. Kind of a quasi-ice cream social without the crowd or trouble with parking. Teachers will email you the specific zoom links on Wednesday afternoon, but here are the times:
3:00 - PK
4:00 - K
5:00 - 1st
5:30 - 2nd
6:00 - 3rd
6:30 - 4th
7:00 - 5th
7:30 - 6th

School Times AND Arrival/Dismissal

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8

Elementary school hours are 7:55am-2:55pm, with each Wednesday dismissing an hour early at 1:55pm.

AND, you can expect a lot more details next week.


Penn Elementary School Supply List

If you ordered a school supply pack through the PTO, we'll hand that out to you during the Materials Distribution event.

If you have chosen Standard Enrollment, please label ALL your child's belongings clearly. We will need to keep a tighter rein on lost and found items. Items that are not labeled will be donated after 10 days.

The Leaders of the Pack: PENN PTO

Penn PTO rocks -- always supporting. The PTO board has been thinking ahead and have already purchased these items for every child:

- a mask with our logo

- a lanyard to hold the mask

- a 'cup holder' for each student's desk to hold a water bottle

You can be part of this dynamic group.

Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm

The first virtual PTO meeting will be Tuesday, October 6th and will most likely be by zoom.

Penn Panthers,

Whether you are learning from home or in school, wear your Penn panther gear proudly. Please check out the following link to purchase Penn gear from the Penn PTO. All orders are due by September 14th. To avoid any potential pickup problems orders will be shipped directly to your homes. Thank you!

Penn PTO

Before & After School Program (BASP) at Penn

There is still space in this super convenient child care program.

Please email for more info

Looking Ahead

  • Sept 2: Materials Distribution
  • Sept 3: Meet & Greets
  • Sept 8: First day! Classes begin at 7:55 and Early dismissal at 1:55pm