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April 24, 2020

A Message from our Principals

While much has changed in learning over the last few weeks, we also understand that circumstances may be rapidly changing in your household, too. When we were in school, we were able to offer a consistent learning environment for our students. Now, students are learning in a variety of situations, all of which have different advantages and struggles. Your well-being is important to us. We know that stress or lack of sleep can impact our immune systems, which something none of us can afford right now.

Staying healthy and having positive family relationships are the foundation on which we build. If the current structure of distance learning is taking a toll on the health or relationships in your household, please reach out to any of our staff, so we can make adjustments that support your family.

Take care,

Linda O’Bryan, Principal

John McEwing, Associate Principal

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April 20 - June 11 Virtual learning continues

April 27 - May 1 - Virtual Spirit Week

May 22 and 25 - No Virtual Learning

Potential Summer School Dates:

June 16 - July 24 - MHS Summer School (Monday - Friday)

June 22 - July 23 - K-8 Summer Learning Academy (Monday - Thursday)

June 29 - July 3 - No Summer Learning

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Virtual Spirit Week!!!!!

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Student Belongings

Most of your children have things at school that they would like back. They are working on a district plan for returning student materials while keeping students, families and staff safe. Please continue to watch for updates.

Chromebook Repairs

Support will be available to access loaners in the event of any damage or defect that inhibits the use of the device. Currently support will be available Wednesdays from 7:30 am - 3:00 pm at the Muskego High School main entrance (Door #1).

Visit this link for more details: bit.ly/PHE-TechSupport

Lunch Program

We are offering bulk a la carte items available for order/purchase which will be charged to the MNSD lunch account of the student only with a positive balance; sorry, we cannot offer this to those who don't have a school lunch account at this time.

Lunch Order Week of April 27

A la Carte Bulk Purchases April 30

If you have any questions or special accommodations please contact:

Chrissy Koerner
Food Service Director
262-971-1790 x4522

Fall Cross Country 2020 Season

Click HERE for information about Fall 2020 Cross Country Sign-Ups

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Love and Logic

Since 1977, Love and Logic has helped parents from all walks of life raise happy, resilient and responsible kids. Love and Logic is offering their online parenting curriculum ($99 value) for free through April 2020. Click here.

A note from your School Psychologist:

If you recall, last year I chronicled my life raising a 7th grade boy. I hoped that many of the ins and outs of parenting a growing middle schooler was applicable to your lives. In the upcoming newsletters, I wanted to share some of the experiences in my life now with my 8th grader (son), 5th grader (daughter), and 3 year old toddler (son)--all of us at home, living through this pandemic. This time will feature my daughter...

My daughter is this sweet, creative, empathetic child (who can’t help but getting caught up in that girl drama we all know takes place at this age). Only recently has she shed many of her little girl toys for video chatting with her friends, learning Tae Kwon Do, and dabbling in different hairstyles and clothing. As much as I hate to admit it, reading is not her favorite activity (give me a good book any day and I’m set). She has to work hard at school and has struggled with some anxiety issues specific to school performance. Since virtual learning started, I’ve hugged her countless times through tears and frustration about having to work on her chrome book for hours each day. She thrives on teacher instruction and the dynamic a classroom provides her for learning. This has been a very hard transition for her. I’m proud of her independence and motivation to get her work done each day--but worry as a parent that some of that is driven by her anxieties to be perfect. Many of the strategies I’ve shared with Lake Denoon students work for her, too (54321, tracing with her finger a figure 8 on her leg, mindful breathing).

One of our favorite past times is talking in her room right before she turns out the lights at night. (Don’t tell her I shared this, but she still wants me to sing “You are My Sunshine” at bedtime.) She’s in that stage where she wants to be so grown up, yet craves nurturing and dependence just like when she was younger. It’s remarkable that given the restrictions to our lives right now, she still has so many things she wants to share with me. It is critical in these times to keep talking with your kids--about whatever they want. It may be about virtual learning struggles, or missing their friends, or questions about our lives being on pause right now. If talking with your child like this is not a frequent activity or is new for you as a parent/guardian--that’s okay...and it’s okay to start small. Maybe share a memory you have of the age your child is at and see if that sparks a conversation with your young one. Developing their problem solving and understanding of the world starts with you. At this age, they are trying to figure things out on their own, yet still need our guidance. Enjoy how their minds work and the thoughts they have. I’m amazed every day with each of my kids.

Stay strong, show love for your child(ren), and be well.

Dr. R

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Virtual Learning Schedule for Next Week

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A Message from Mrs. Toni

5th and 6th grade students have access to Follett shelf.

Click Here for the linked video that will give information on how to access their accounts.

7th and 8th grade students have access to OverDrive/Sora for ebooks as well as audio books.

Click Here to help students sign into their account.

If anyone has questions or need help with their account, please contact Mrs. Toni at toni.heinowskii@muskegonorway.org.

Student Online Resources

Our library offers many online resources that are available to our students. Below is a list of the passwords that students can use to access the online resource from home.

Click Here for passwords for online resources at Lake Denoon.

Virtual Field Trips

While we're all stuck at home during this crazy time, maybe take a family trip to one of our online virtual field trips!!

Click Here to get started

Click Here for even more adventures!

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The Women's Center

If you or anyone you know needs help please contact the Women's Center right away

Follow the attached links for more information

Click Here for English

Click Here for Spanish

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