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The Week of April 11th - 15th

Happy Friday,

Next week I will be off campus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at T-TESS Training. Woo Hoo! If you need me, you can reach me by email, text. I would rather be here with all of you!

Great American Clean Up is happening and we are waiting on a date to be assigned to us. Volunteers will be here to spruce up our playgrounds, fill our sand tables, plant some flowers, power wash, paint, etc...! We will need a few staff members here to help host the volunteers, if you are able and willing to give a little time, please let us know! We will have more information about the exact date and time soon!

Legislative Breakfast will be hosted by Beaty on Tuesday, April 26! This is a HUGE honor to have the Board of Trustees, Executive Cabinet, Superintendent, and all the elected representatives and their staffers here that morning! They will tour our building, visit our classes and hear about the importance of the work you do! Please freshen up anything torn or tattered looking prior to that date. We want to look extra spiffy!

Please remember, after using one of the conference rooms, leave it the way you found it. Please reconnect all computer equipment, plug everything in, put things back on chargers so that the next guest will be ready to go when they arrive. Thank you!

Coming soon:

Monday, April 11 Parent Coffee @ 12:30 (MPR)

Monday, April 11 Webinar: Language Development and Tracking Tools @ 3:30

Wednesday, April 13 Mrs. Nelson-Animal Visit

Wednesday, April 13 CMIT @11:30 (401)

Wednesday, April 13 Sunshine Mtg @ 11:30 (MPR)

Thursday, April 14 Mrs. Nelson-Animal Visit

Thursday, April 14 Mobile Classroom

Thursday, April 14 Mentor Mtg @ 11:30 (209)

Thursday,April 14 PTA Mtg. @ 6:30

Friday, April 15 Malone N6 Mtg @ 11:00 (MPR)

Upcoming April Birthday Girls:

Jeanne Higdon April 16

Cecilia Scott April 21

Amanda Martin April 22

Isabel Marquez April 23

Sandra Tamayo April 23

Rhonda Creed April 24

Fabby Trevino April 25

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Happy Friday!

Check out this ETSI Video with one of our own celebrities!

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Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Karina: Thank you for going above and beyond for our kiddos. You are my right hand and the heart of our classroom. ~ Megan
  • THANK YOU BEATY STAFF for the beautiful flowers of celebration!~ Janice C.
  • THANK YOU Vickie, Noorjahan, Cindy, Suma, Andrea, Janaki, Elena, Sarah, Phyllis, & Lipi for your helpfulness with the Art Committee! Janice Calvert & Shirley Dendy
  • Thank you Nikki for helping my Beaty projects! ~Elena
  • Heather S. – Thank you for always be ready to try something new! Even if it was not a chicken. ~Elena
  • Coleen-You are an awesome team leader! Thank you for always supporting and encouraging us! I am so glad I work with you-Cantrell

  • Iffat- Thank you for being the best suite mate ever. You are always open to ideas and bring the best out in me. ~Elena
  • Thanks Andrea for picking up some lunch for me this week! You’re a life saver! ~ Shauna
  • Thanks Krista for saving me from the scary spider that decided to dangle from our ceiling at circle time on Monday. #yikes ~ Shauna
  • Janaki- You are honestly the most funny person! I love how much you make me laugh. ~Elena
  • Elena – For dragging those smelly animals in your truck all the way from the EAST side. (Smelly RATS)
  • Sarah – You are the most positive person and it is GREATNESS. Thank you for finding the sunny side of every situation. ~Elena
  • Elena- thanks for offering to share your neighborhood’s science kit! Your generosity saved me from spending time reinventing the wheel. ~ Sandra
  • Emily & Alex- thanks for covering for me when I have to float over to the other class every now and then! I appreciate your patience and flexibility! ~ Sandra
  • Bridgette- you never fail to give undivided attention when I have questions even when you’re incredibly busy. I appreciate your time! ~ Sandra
  • Donna Royce- You have a gift for working with this age group and a magnificent ADULT sense of humor. ~Elena
  • Megan – You are always so excited to see your students each day. It is a wonderful example and your students light up when they see you. ~Elena
  • Stephanie – thank you for taking on something for me! I appreciate you volunteering and helping! You are marvelous! - Coleen
  • Karina-Thank you for your smiling face. You are a great reminder that this is a FUN place to work. ~Elena
  • Amanda M.- Thank you for always greeting each child at carpool. It is super sweet. ~Elena
  • Melanie T.- Thank you for being so prepared! You are the best at making sure your class and subs are well prepared. ~Elena
  • Kelly – You are a Rockstar in an ARD!!! You make everyone feel calm and welcome. ~Elena
  • Marta – Thank you for always going along with my projects and last minutes ideas! You are awesome and great with the kids! You keep me on my toes and have the best memory ever! – Coleen
  • Amanda – Thank you for being such a trusting and hardworking teammate! You do great with the kids! You are wonderful person! - Coleen
  • Amy – I just want to commend you for having the patience to handle certain friends! You are amazing with the kids! Keep it up! -Coleen