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Legacy Magnet Academy: September 1, 2023

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Hello Legacy Families!

It was another great week here at LMA! We had our first class color day of the school year, and I have to say, our 6th graders really stole the show with all the PINK we saw across the campus! Way to go 6th grade, we love seeing that TIDE Pride!

Reminder, Monday 9/4 we will be closed in observance of Labor Day.

Wednesday 9/6 is Make-Up Picture Day. If your student missed pictures at Registration, this is their chance to take their picture for their student ID and for the yearbook.

Our Legacy Apparel Store is now open! Shop using the link below. The store will close next Thursday 9/7, so make sure you shop now before the store closes up!

You may have noticed on campus on through our social media that it is DINO DASH TIME! If you are new to Legacy, we LOVE the Dinosaur Dash, and take great pride in being the highest participating secondary school three years in a row. We need your help to keep that title running for the 4th year! Sign up using the button below, and we will see you at the Dash!

We appreciate your ongoing support of Legacy Magnet Academy and look forward to a wonderful year as we partner together to deliver the best program to our students!

Thank you!


Take care and stay safe,

Dr. Harrison, Principal

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The Shop closes 9/7

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Alyssa Aranda

Hello, my name is Alyssa Aranda. I’m a part of a lot of clubs at school like Robotics, Create A Smile, and NHS. After high school, I plan on attending college and changing the world through a career in STEM. I also hope to set an example and encourage other Mexican girls who want to pursue careers in STEM. As of right now, only 2% of women in engineering are Latinas, so I hope to become someone who can increase that percentage and inspire future Latina engineers. One of my dream colleges is Harvey Mudd, and I plan on studying mechanical engineering. While studying my major, I plan on earning a bachelor's or master's degree. Legacy has really helped me grow out of my shell by introducing me to many topics in a different way than most schools. I will take the confidence Legacy has taught me and use it to push me forward in life. To be honest I am really nervous about my future. I know I can’t control everything in life, but I am confident that I will take whatever happens head-on and keep moving forward. I don't know what I’ll be doing in 10 years but I hope to become a successful woman in STEM.

Danison Lin

Hi, my name is Danison Lin and I like learning. I eat a lot and also value my sleep. After high school, I want to go to college and travel. My dream college is Princeton University, and I plan on majoring in STEM. I plan on studying and working toward a doctorate, but that is if everything goes as planned. Legacy Magnet Academy has made me socially capable. It is a very unique school in how it encourages students to explore their own solutions. I don’t know how life will go, but I hope it will go well and I am trying my best to make it that way. If I could picture myself in 10 years I believe I will either be studying my major in college, working at a job, and supporting a small family, or I’ll be serving my country in the military.
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Congratulations – Legacy Magnet Academy’s Matthew Hsieh has met the challenge of the United States Congress!

The Congressional Award is Congress’s only charity. Established to law in 1979, the Congressional Award was created to honor, encourage, and inspire America’s youth. In the ensuing years, Congress has recognized thousands of outstanding young Americans who have earned and deserve our admiration and recognition. Through the Congressional Award, Congress urges young people to challenge themselves. Any interested, motivated student, aged 14 through 24 years old, may participate in the Congressional Award by setting and achieving individually challenging goals in four program areas: Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness and Expedition/Exploration.

Matthew has earned the Congressional Award Gold Medal. To earn the Gold Medal, each participant must complete at least 400 hours of Voluntary Public Service, which means sharing their time and talent for the betterment of the community, 200 hours of Personal Development, which can include exploring or improving upon a talent, skill, hobby, or interest, and 200 hours of Physical Fitness, spent in any way that improves their health and quality of life. Additionally, they must spend at least five days and four nights exploring a new environment or culture. Matthew has been consistently working to achieve this award for over 2 years, the minimum time frame to earn the Gold Medal. Matthew

Matthew did not “win” the award – he EARNED it! Matthew was recently formally recognized during the 2023 Gold Medal Summit in Washington, D.C. If you would like to learn more about the Congressional Award, including what Matthew did to earn it and how you too can work towards this award, please contact us at information@congressionalaward.org.

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Art Enrichment

Mrs. Chung will be holding an after-school art enrichment class on Wednesday, September 27th from 3:00 - 4:30. If you are interested, please fill out the form ASAP as there are limited spots for up to 25 students.

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TIDE TV | 8-30


Starting or Continuing Your Club:

Did you attend the Club Interest meeting and you’re ready to start or continue your club? If so, please fill out the application form and club constitution, print it out and turn it in by Friday September 8. We can’t wait to see the great impact all the new and returning clubs will have on LMA!

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Class Color Spirit Day

On Wednesday we had our first Class Color Spirit Day of the year! We hope to see even more participation in the future! Congratulations to our 6th grade and 11th grade students who had the most participation and won paletas!

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TIDE Shack

Our TIDE Shack is officially open and will be open every day at lunch! This year we are also accepting card payments and tap to pay with a minimum purchase of ten dollars! FYI: The TIDE Shack will be CLOSED ON September 6th.


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TIDEPool Tutoring

TIDEPool Tutoring has been Revamped! Our high school tutors will be there to provide any help that our middle school students need. Remember to visit the TIDEPool on Tuesdays in the middle school commons during point break!

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Labor Day

In observance of Labor Day there is no school on September 4th! Since we have Monday off, Wednesday, September 6th, will be a modified late-start schedule (Periods 1,3,5, & 7/MS PB). Enjoy your Monday off!

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Social Media & Website

Follow us on social media to stay updated on upcoming events, as well as view pictures and videos from past events. Follow our Instagram and TikTok @legacyasb! Our website is lmaasb.org.
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YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is @legacyasb - here, you can access some of our past TIDE Talks and TIDE TV episodes, as well as all of our upcoming episodes. Subscribe to our channel and be on the lookout for new and exciting YouTube content from ASB!
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Good Afternoon parents and students!

We hope you all have been having a great school year so far. The month of September is ‘Pediatric Awareness Month’, and as a club that raises awareness and funds for children battling pediatric cancer, we started an initiative called ‘Project Gold Ribbon’ last September. ‘Project Gold Ribbon’ was a huge success last year - we raised $20K in funds and made it onto KTLA Morning News. We donated half the money to CHOC Pediatric Cancer Research Center and the other half directly to the children who were going through treatment, in order to buy them gifts and put smiles on their faces while they were going through that difficult time. We want to thank you all again for helping us raise all that money last year. The LMA community’s efforts helped so many children, and this year, we are so happy to announce that we will be launching ‘Project Gold Ribbon - Phase 2’ throughout the month of September. This year, we will be partnering with the CHOC Hospital Foundation, and will be donating all the funds raised to CHOC’s Pediatric Oncology Cancer Institute. We want this to be an effort by the entire LMA Community, not just the Create A Smile club. Create A Smile will be putting on multiple events this month to help raise money, so please be on the lookout for those!

Thank you and have a great long weekend!

Please donate below!

LMA’S Fundraising Page for CHOC Pediatric Cancer Research:


Amani Shezad - President of Create A Smile

Alyssa Aranda - Vice President of Create A Smile


Join Waves 180 and donate to our LMA gym through our PTO!


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1)Go to your parent portal CONTACT SCREEN and assign each contact "general and emergency" or "emergency only."

2) Be sure in every contact's screen, you have entered a cell # and email.

3)Any person you assign "general and emergency" will receive ALL school communication such as Weekly Principal's eNewsletters and automated telephone communication. This change also allows you to select the type of communication you prefer: email, phone, text, or all three if you prefer.

*The "type" of communication you select must have a corresponding cell, email address, etc. entered.

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