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The Principal's Newsletter - February 26, 2021

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Congratulations to Everyone on Our Reopening!

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Monday Independent Learning Expectations

Students are expected to log into their Schoology courses on Monday. Student attendance will be recorded. We invite students to use this time to complete outstanding assignments, work on long-term projects, or prepare for any upcoming assessments.

Please refer to the Secondary Reopening Plan for further information related to independent learning days every Monday.

Reminders About Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • There is no right turn into Mustang Alley when traveling westbound on Route 7. Entering Mustang Alley from Route 7 is a left-turn-only entrance.
  • If you are dropping off/picking up your child, please enter Mustang Alley via Haycock Road and follow the Red Mustang Loop; make sure to pull all the way into the loop in front of the old high school.
  • Only school buses can go past the old high school on Mustang Alley.
  • Students must walk on the Pink Route to get to the entrance of the building in the mornings and to get to the pick-up zone or to Haycock Road in the afternoons.
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Mustangs Sports Roundup with Fall Sports Spectator Form

The Fall Sports Spectator Form is included in the roundup. Families of student athletes should submit the form in order to watch their student athlete.


Students at GMHS will not be sitting for IB exams in May 2021. However, the students will still be receiving final IB marks from IB, and colleges and universities are still accepting the published results.

IB will be awarding grades in all subjects based on all IB assessments that are due before the end of April. The weighting of each assessment in each course is found in this chart of IB Assessment Weights 2021.

Please note that these percent weights apply to all students globally, whether the school is sitting for the May 2021 exams or not.

In Group 6 subjects (IB Music, IB Film, IB Visual Arts and IB Theatre), the assessments required by IB that are historically due before the end of April are still required and will collectively constitute 100% of the final mark (1-7) awarded by IB.

In all other IB subjects, the assessments required prior to April 20 will be uploaded to IB examiners, too. However, these assessments will account for only 20-50% of the final IB mark. The remaining weight will come from predicted grades generated by the teachers. Teachers will take into account student performance on classroom-based assessments from the current students using IB rubrics and the IB Grade Descriptors.

IB will ask us to consider our grade distributions in each subject from recent IB exam sessions (i.e. 2017-2019). If our grade distributions fall out of historical patterns, IB will ask the teachers to justify the marks that fall out of historical ranges.

The IB education is still alive and well at GMHS. We wish all of our students the best as they finish their IB studies this spring.

In-Person Writing SOL for All Juniors

Monday, March 15th, 8am-1pm

121mustang alley

Falls Church, VA

The End of Course (EOC) Writing SOL is required for all Juniors as it serves as their verified credit in writing, a State requirement for graduation. Students must pass the SOL to verify their credit. The SOL test is only administered in-person. There are no virtual remote testing opportunities. All-virtual students have to report to the school to take this State-mandated test. If there is a reason your student cannot report to the school, please notify your child’s counselor immediately. Students who do not test in March must test in the fall and pass the Writing SOL test to graduate on time. It is highly recommended that Juniors take the test on March 15, 2021.

Details will be shared closer to the date.

Click the photo below for a print-friendly version available in English and in Spanish

Save The Date: Yearbook Photo Days

Victor O'Neill Studios will be coming on March 17 and March 18 to take Yearbook and ID photos for students in Grades 9-11. A VOS sign-up form will be shared next week. Yearbook photos and IDs are complimentary. Students/families pay only when they order a photo package from VOS.

  • Wednesday, March 17 from 1:30 - 4:30 PM - For In-Person Students
  • Wednesday, March 17 from 3:00 - 4:30 PM - For All-Virtual Students and for Retakes
  • Thursday, March 18 from 8:00 - 10:00 AM - For In-Person Students

Get Your Yearbooks Today!

There’s nothing else like your school yearbook. If you would like to place an order for a 20-21 Yearbook, the current rate is $85 and can be purchased by clicking HERE. The last day to purchase your yearbook is April 16, 2021.

Thank you for helping us tell the story of the year,

George Mason High School Yearbook Staff

Photo on the right is the actual cover of the 20-21 Yearbook.

School Renaming Suggestion Box

The School Renaming Committees invite everyone in the community to submit ideas for new names for our two schools. The Virtual Suggestion Box is open through Tuesday, March 2.

To learn more about the school renaming process, visit the School Renaming Webpage.

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