These kids are working hard!

Classroom Highlight

Today we jumped right back into our daily routines and rhythms. Your students have been working so hard together, and it definitely showed during one of our math activities. We played a game called "Spud" during Number Corner (part of our math curriculum). We circled up and counted off by 10's, saying "SPUD" in place of the hundreds. Example, 10, 20 30...80, 90, SPUD! Every time someone messed up we had to start over. The kids were so good at this that I decided to time them. After a few attempts, we counted as a class to 500 in UNDER A MINUTE! And this is how excited they were!


  • Review contents and Bring Blue folders back to school TOMORROW (Wednesday)
  • Homework -Reading 20 minutes & Math (due Friday)
  • Make sure your students wear closed toed shoes for PE

Look into our class

We are currently working on multiplication models as well as reviewing addition and subtraction strategies. Your students are excited about understanding multiplication and adding larger numbers. If you would like to support your child at home with math, I placed two handouts in the blue folders that better explain how to help your student outside the classroom. Check 'em out. (This picture is of our Number Corner Calendar. Feel free to ask your student what all the cool pictures mean)

Pipe Dream

We watched the video above last week during our writing block. It is this crazy short film about DC Team rider Robbie Maddison who charges waves with his dirt bike! Before I showed this we had a huge conversation about working hard and pursuing our goals, even if they seem really difficult and unattainable.n The kids loved it and so I thought I would share it with you! (Don't try at home)